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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lets Plan a Vintage Wedding!

Vintage is one of the hottest wedding trends.  Creamy ivory lace wedding dresses,  1940 style hairdos, birdcage veils, platform shoes, lots of flowers that look like they came out of a Victorian flower garden. Vintage can be done by eras, like the 1920's flapper era or the 1960's flower child,  or the Victorian era with their lace and corset tops.  Or wear a modern era wedding dress and add vintage accessories!  Have fun with putting the pieces together, and check out my vintage wedding boards on Pinterest for more ideas.

 A young lady in a conservatory", by Jane Maria Bowkett
From the BBC book "The Victorian Flower Garden".
 Lily of the Valley flowers with their signature scent are very vintage!  This bouquet would be very easy to duplicate yourself....just fresh pick and tie them with ribbons. 

 Vintage wedding bouquet were large and wide.  This bride's wedding flowers were wider than her dress!

 Aimee wedding dresses  Monet floral print

 Wedding dresses by Aimee

 Great wedding hair!

L'AMANTE - Vintage inspired bridal hat


Bands by Design

New vintage style wedding invitations! 



Vintage style wedding shoes,  I am loving them!   I would wear these shoes again and again!  
OMG, I so want these shoes by Yhasminae on Etsy!   Who needs Cinderella's glass slipper when you can wear these custom shoes? 

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  1. I've never been in a vintage wedding. I heard it's a hot trend now and I really like the idea! I would definately go for a 60's wedding, Woodstock style. It was always my preferred era.