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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Weddingzilla's Rose Gold Wedding Inspiration

There is something about rose gold, it's warmth, it's glow, it's presence. 
Rose gold sets the stage for an unforgettable wedding!

I've seen a lot of weddings, thousands in fact...and the one that stands out in my mind is the wedding I saw recently while working at a Las Vegas wedding chapel.  The bride a rose gold sequin gown and married in a garden wedding. The gown was sequins in the baby sequin couture way, not the Las Vegas sequin show girl way.  The sun gleamed off her gown and she literally glowed. She carried a bouquet of white roses with the stems wrapped in rose gold.  Her hair was styled with a rose gold comb of crystals. She looked so beautiful among all the greenery and flowers in the garden.  Since I was working, I wasn't able to find out where she got her dress.  If I ever find that dress, I must have it and I'll save it for my 50th wedding anniversary.   Side note, not even close! 

There are many shades of rose gold in fabrics and so many ways you can style it. You can use rose gold as an accent color.   You can go full blast and go full shimmer. Or you can go soft pink pastels and rose gold accents.  So many choices!  Your only limit is your imagination!

It all starts with an engagement ring.....by Diamonds Mine

Rose Gold wedding bracelet by The Exquisite Bride

Rose Gold wedding or bridesmaid dress by RenzRags

Rose Gold maid's dress by Dessy Collection 

Hairpiece by MyLittleCraftyCorner

Rose Gold metal flaked wedding veil by CleoandClementine

Rose Gold Chandalier Earrings by ContessaGarters

Rose gold toasting flutes and wedding cake servers by DiAmoreDS

Rose Gold wedding cake photo by Kristen Weaver Photography

Wedding invitation by JustInviteMe

invitations by 
Ceci New York 

By Royal Wedding

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