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Saturday, June 2, 2018

The Bride Wore Blush!

Remember the beautiful blushing bride?  No need to blush at your wedding, you can wear blush!  Everyone looks fabulous in this color, including red heads. Regardless of your skin color, you'll glow.  If you need color in your face, don't glob on layers of makeup, wear blush!  

Sparkly Mermaid Wedding Gown by BoomBlush on Etsy

Source: First and Second from Ruffled Blog | Third from Jose Villa Blog via www.onecharmingday.com

Fabulous Blush Wedding Accessories!

Bling cage veil in blush by Annnottinghambridal

Blush floral crown by SerafinaLauren

Blush Pink wedding garter by Weddingzilla

Blush Pink wedding bracelet by Weddingzilla

What Colors Go With Blush?

Blush can be considered a neutral.  Want super formal?  Blush with black. Soft pale colors?
Blush with soft pinks with accents of white and ivory.  Bold?  Blush with teal and navy.
Let your imagination run wild.

If you are worried if your colors won't look good together, go to a paint store and get paint swatches. You can use them to see if your color scheme works well together.  Disclaimer:  Don't try and exactly match the colors in a bridal salon because it won't be exact.   Paint shades come in thousands of colors, use as a guide only.  Happy planning!

 Soft pinks                           MagnetStreet Design
Provided by MagnetStreet

 Bronze  and golds                   MagnetStreet Design
Provided by MagnetStreet
Chanpagne and taupes            MagnetStreet Design
Provided by MagnetStreet
Greens  and blues                      MagnetStreet Design
Provided by MagnetStreet
      Bold Pinks                                 MagnetStreet Design
Provided by MagnetStreet
  Navy                                              MagnetStreet Design
Provided by MagnetStreet

Bold Teals                                        MagnetStreet Design
Provided by MagnetStreet

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