Monday, June 29, 2009

Wedding Makeup Photography Tips

Put your best face forward in your wedding
pics and we have some tips to help you from
a wedding photographer. We interviewed her
and here are her observations:

"Brides tend to either over do the makeup
as in clown makeup. Some hire makeup artists
who go heavy on the kohl makeup. Avoid
charcoal eyeshadow for the wedding. It looks
smudged in the photos.

Instead, go for a more natural look. Use pinks
instead of harsh blushers, pink
accents on the eyes. Pink opens up the eyes.

Avoid sparkles on the face and body. They
pick up the camera flash and don't look good
in the pictures.

Mascara is a must, it frames and opens the eyes.

Keep the makeup natural, match it to you skin tones,
but you HAVE to wear some makeup. Brides that
think they want to go completely natural are
missing the boat because they fade in the photos."

So I asked my beauty maven what she thought
and she said that all the tips are excellent.
Here's what she said:

"To keep makeup in place all day, use a face
primer. It really does the job.

Great makeup starts with a great complexion.
If you don't have a perfect complexion, start
working on it months before the wedding.
Drink lots of water, get rest because it
really works. And avoid stress. (As IF
that's possible during wedding planning!)

Start on a facial program. Any program including
the ones from the drug store are better
than not taking care of your skin. Moisturize,
use a sunscreen, exfoliate to get rid of dead,
dull skin and brighten your complexion.
Go to a dermatologist if your skin is acne
prone and uneven. Or visit a good skin esthetician
who will give you facials and advise you
what to do to care for your skin.

I advise facials and if your skin is dull, blotchy
and uneven, go for microdermabrasion treatments."

All great tips and I have to admit I've been going
for microdermabrasion treatments and the results
are far. It does hurt the first time and
my face was a bit touchy and tender, but I didn't
have red blotches and I was able to put on makeup
and go about my day without anyone knowing. It
has evened up my skin tone and I love it.
Just know if you are thinking of having this done,
you need to start a few months in advance to
get the maximum benefit.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Are Wedding Registries Getting Ridiculous?

Wedding registries has been a hot topic with brides discussing their registries with the reverence of one talking of the birth of their first child. Makes me wonder if they are getting married to furnish their homes instead of making a life long commitment to their life partner.

I am beginning to think that wedding registries are created by corporate America to sell, sell and sell some more useless items to pad their bottom line.

Case in point: I got invited to a wedding where I know the grooms parents, but haven't seen the groom since he was little and couldn't pick him out of a police line up. I don't know anything about him or the bride. How we got invited is beyond me since I haven't seen his parents in two or three years. Since work is conflicting and the wedding is two hours away, we politely declined the invitation and set about to send a gift.

OMG...after a lot of head smacking and screaming WTF a few times, I make my husband look at their gift registries, no less than four of them. The couple registered for a 52" flat screen TV, a Canon SLR camera with a discounted price of $749, a deluxe outdoor gas grill to make any man break down in tears of joy, a wii with the wii fit bundle, a home stereo system, a Garmin GPS, a sofa bed, end tables, crystal lamps, an entertainment center, sterling silver flatware (didn't know anyone but my Grandma that wanted that!), high end luggage, a beer refrigerator with door tap AND a beer cooler, a wine refrigerator, a sterling silver tea set, 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets, a camcorder with 42X zoom, an Aero garden with accessories, a Kitchen Aid mixer with ravioli attachment (the attachment is $149.00!!), china, crystal, a food dehydrator, a juicer, convection oven and expensive artwork and paintings.

Needless to say, no one has purchased anything high end. Seriously, what were they thinking when they registered? Do you really need a 52" wide screen TV? My husband says yes. Will they use the china and sterling flatware? Probably once or twice because people don't host dinner parties where they break out the good china unless you travel in high society. This couple doesn't. My own china is gathering dust in the cupboard, I've chalked it up as a big waste of my $$$$. When you have kids, you don't want to use it. Its pretty, but not useful. Are you listening brides? You PROBABLY WON'T EVER USE'll use nice everyday dishes. Register for a a good set of everyday dishes.

And then there is the really ridiculous. A close, repeat close family member was cajoled into registering. They had a brand new house full of new furniture and gadgets and didn't need anything. Her future mother in law insisted they register for what they want. So they registered for Doritos and salsa, video games, hand crafted beer, tampons, paper towels and paper plates. Mind you, these people have PHD's! And they did get the Doritos and were thrilled. I gave $$$.

So, I'm back to the usual...a gift card. Buy what you want. I have a headache from reading the registries. You figure out how to make it cover what you want.

I want to create my own registry, just because. I want a hard top convertible, a cruise through the Greek islands, some spa treatments, a nip here, a tuck there, a new wardrobe and a date with George Clooney. Think anyone will help fund my fantasy?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What Happened To Isaac Mizrahi For Target Wedding Dresses?

What has happened to the much hyped line by Isaac Mizrahi wedding dresses that he designed for Target? They seemed to have disappeared from the radar.

Issac Mizrahi designed a very simple, inexpensive (cough, cheap) wedding dresses for Target that were hyped as THE wedding dress that was going to take the country by storm. I personally thought the dresses were glorified out dated brides maid dresses cut in white or ivory. The fit on the models was bad. I saw several of them and the fabric left a lot to be desired. (cough, cheap fabric).

Now, I like Target for deals on huge boxes of laundry detergent. And I'm not questioning Isaac Mizrahi's design talent. I just think its darn near impossible to deliver a quality, good fitting dress for under a $100.00. Brides shopping in this price range want style...they want more than Target offered in these dresses.

A few weeks ago, I found several on clearance, but they seem to have disappeared. Hey, Isaac, the next time you decide to do a cheap wedding dress line, call me. I have some ideas to share. In the meantime, it looks like this idea sunk.

Isaac Mizrahi with one of his wedding dress designs. Here's what I see as wrong with this dress....the straight across neckline is not flattering when you add the sheer panel. Sheer panel tops have not been popular in years. The fit of the skirt on the hips is bad and there isn't enough flare in the bottom of the skirt to balance the dress. And the flare is too low for anyone shorter than model length.

And why am I am expert? I've sold wedding dresses for eons..and my mother is a dress designer who taught me everything she knows. I can do pattern making, I can slope, I can tailor, I can and do any bridal alterations. Isaac, take away the sheer panel. Cut the dress strapless with a sweetheart neckline and add minimal beading, adjust the fit on the hips and flare out the skirt higher than the knee area and you have a winner on different body types. Call me Isaac or call me Target.
There IS a market for inexpensive wedding dresses.

Hero Bride

In my post about the hero bride, Georgette Clemons, I asked if anyone would step up and offer to clean her wedding dress...and this is what I received:

Wedding Gown Preservation Company said...

Kudos to the heroic bride.

We own Wedding Gown Preservation Company and would like to clean and preserve Georgette's wedding gown free of charge.

Please contact me at

Sue Schapiro
Wedding Gown Preservation Company
707 North Street
Endicott, NY 13760

NOTE: We've used Wedding Gown Preservation Company to clean wedding dresses for many years and they do an amazing job. They cleaned my mom's dress that had been stored away for many years and made it look like new. Thanks, Sue, for your generous offer! If you know Georgette, please pass this on to her.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Bride Hero: Georgette Clemons

Our kudos go to bride hero, Georgette
Clemons of Bridgeport, CN. Georgette
ran into a burning house to alert the
residents of a fire dressed
in her wedding dress. She was on her way
home from the reception when she saw
the smoke and instructed the driver to

She ran into the home when she saw
someone inside who was trying to save
her pets. She managed to get them to
leave and the residents and pets were
all saved, but the house wasn't.

Her dress was blackened and her shoes
were ruined, but all our hero said was:
"It's been an eventful day." God love her,
we salute our fearless bride.

Here's hoping someone will step up to
the plate and replace her shoes and
clean her dress. Read the entire
story here: Connecticut Post

I LOVE reading about awesome
brides and Georgette is the
most awesome of the awesome.
Her hubby is one lucky guy!
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