Friday, December 28, 2007

Bridal Show Plan of Attack

Attending a bridal show? You'll need a plan of attack
so you can see everything and get the most out of the
show. As much as you want to see all the vendors and
get ideas, the vendors want to meet YOU.

Bring a friend with you. It doesn't have to be your fiance,
it can be your mother or maid of honor. Your friend is your
extra pair of eyes and ears.

Bring along some pre printed address labels.
When you want additional information from a vendor
or to sign up for free prizes and giveaways, simply
put your sticker on the entry or sign in sheet. You'll
save a lot of time!

Bring along a tote bag with a notebook. The tote
will be an easy way to carry around all the literature and
flyers from the vendors. The notebook will be to jot down
ideas, take notes, write down appointments with vendors
and take down phone numbers.

Bring along a digital camera. Snap photos for ideas of
cakes, centerpieces and anything else that is notable.
Don't trust your memory, you'll see so much it will
get all jumbled in your brain.

Dress comfortably. Leave the coat in the car or at
a coat check. Wear comfortable walking shoes because
you will need to cover a lot of area and you'll be on your

Take time to talk to the vendors. Some vendors will
just "click" with you, others not so.

Every bridal show has show specials. This might be
discounts, free items with purchase and more. Make
note of the specials and book interviews if you
are interested in their product or service.

Don't be afraid to ask for references.

Don't be afraid to ask a vendor whose work you
like if they are having a show special.

Don't be pressured into any purchase at the show.
High pressure usually equals a big mistake.

Take a break. Have a bottled water, cup of coffee
or just sit and talk to your show partner and ask their
opinions and input on what you've seen.

Have fun!

New Years Resolutions for the Bride To Be

I will be organized because an organized bride is
the driving
force with a well orchestrated wedding.
I will buy or
get a free wedding planner and keep
it up to date.

I realize that this wedding is just not all about me.
I will take into account my fiance's wishes and plans
because this wedding is HIS wedding, too.

I realize that a wedding is a blending of two families
so I will try and keep family harmony and my sense of
humor intact.

I will work within my budget. When I save money in one
category, I can roll the savings into another category to
get something I really want.

I will be reasonable in my plans. I don't need to outdo
my friends or relatives weddings. I won't make
that can't be met.

I will be nice to my fiance's family because I 'm joining
their family. I want to be welcomed with open arms.
My new mother in law can be my best friend or
worst enemy, the choice is mine. Regardless of how
I feel about her, I will respect her because if it weren't
for her, I wouldn't have my fiance.

I will take into consideration my bridesmaids financial
situation when I ask them to pay for their dress, shoes,
bridal shower, etc. I will choose the bridesmaid dress
with their body shapes and budget in mind.

I will not talk about my wedding 24/7. I will not live,
eat and breathe my wedding 24/7. Nor will I get
upset when my friends and fiance don't want to
hear about it on a daily basis.

I will not be a Bridezilla. I will not have temper
blow ups and be a drama queen. To find
out if I'm turning
into Bridezilla, I'll take the
Bridezilla test.

I'll remember that its not about the wedding,
that its about the marriage. The wedding is just
a party, the marriage is real life. My life.

I will take well meaning wedding suggestions
without getting angry or taking it as criticism.
I will smile, tell them that I'll take it under
and then forget about it.

I will remember that when I talk nonstop about
my wedding, that the person I'm talking to will
want to talk about their wedding. Paybacks
are fair play. If I don't want to hear about their
wedding, I won't talk about mine.

I know that making a guest list is a give and
take proposition and negotiations may be
between families.

I will interview vendors and ask for references
before signing any contracts. I will not book
a vendor just because they are the cheapest.
I will check out their work before I sign anything.

I will not be pressured into buying anything I don't
want or need for my wedding. I will learn to just
say no firmly. High pressure sales tactics usually
mean I'm making a mistake. I'll take time to think,
if I need the product or service, I'll be back.

I will not yell, scream and threaten my vendors.
Any problems can be worked out in advance with
a phone call and polite conversation.

I will call my vendors to check on my wedding
progress before the wedding to make sure we
are on the same page. This goes back to being

When I get stressed out, I will take a wedding break.
I will take a walk, a bubble bath or play with my dog.
I will NOT call my fiance and cry. I will not melt down,
I will keep things in perspective. Tomorrow is another

I will not demand a huge bridal shower or a big
bachelorette party. I will be happy with whatever
I get. The shower is not my problem, nor should
I have anything to do with planning the shower.
Its a party for me, and the less I know, the better.

I won't put demands on myself that I can't
reasonably attain.
I can't expect to lose 4 dress
sizes in
6 months without a lot of sacrifice and
stress. I will
do what I need to do remembering
that a dress is just
a size to zip and the size
is not plastered on the outside
of my dress.

I will remember that the wedding will come to pass
and I'll remain standing. So I'll smile, laugh and
enjoy myself in the process. I'll maintain my sense
of humor no matter how hard I have to try!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Ebay Your Weddng!

Ebay your wedding!

Have you thought about using Ebay to save money
on your wedding? Its an open secret that a lot
of savy brides use to find unique wedding items
and save a lot of money doing it.

There are a lot of brick and mortar stores
selling on Ebay. Bridal salons, jewelers,
paper and invitation stores just to name a few.
My nephew bought his wife's
wedding rings on Ebay from a jeweler and saved
several thousand dollars! The rings are gorgeous,
he couldn't have afforded them if he walked into
the store.

I saw a $400 BRAND NEWParis tiara selling
for $49.00!
A BRAND NEW$300 Malis Henderson veil selling
for $99.00!
A $79 crinoline for $39.00!
New silk wedding shoes by Grace that retail
for $149, up for bid starting at $25.00!!

A Casablanca Wedding Dress that retails for
$1200 selling for $599, you special order it and
the seller is a full service bridal salon. That's
a $600 savings, people!

What about ordering Tee shirts for all
the members of the wedding party?

Custom designed favors?

And what about men's wedding bands? I've
seen titanium bands for $29.00. That's a
steal (steel...get it?)

There are unique cake toppers, favors,
custom wedding candles and more things
than you can possibly imagine.
You have to check it out!

I ordered custom candle favors for my
niece's bridal shower. Not only were they
unique AND personalized, they were a
huge hit with the recipients. And guess
what? I paid so little for them I'm
actually embarrassed to tell you the cost.

What are you waiting for? Ebay your wedding!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Getting Engaged Over The Holidays? Here's a plan!

The holidays are a huge time for engagements. If there is a
ring in your future, here's what you need to do to start the
wedding planning.

Of course you're excited. You need to call everyone
and shout it from the rooftops. Do what you have to
do as far as announcing it, but put the brakes on
immediate wedding plans. Take a week or two for
the excitement to subside so you don't make any
planning mistakes. Don't immediately rush out and
sign contracts! Enjoy the moment!

You and your fiance need to set a date. Together.
One that mutually will fit into your life.

You need to agree on a place. Whether its a church,
a garden or a destination wedding, you need to discuss the

You need to define your wedding. Formal, informal,
reception hall, event center, backyard barbecue.

You need to set a budget and determine who
paying for what part of the wedding.
Don't assume your parents are willing to foot the bill
for a fairytale extravaganza or that his parents are going
to host the rehearsal dinner, provide the liquor and pay
for the honeymoon. Talk to your parents individually to
see what, if any, financial help they are willing OR able to give.

Attend bridal shows. January and February are the
prime time for bridal shows. This will give you a chance to
do a face to face with all sorts of wedding vendors. Bridal shows
offer discounts for bookings either at the show or by making
an appointment after the show. You can compare florists,
DJ's, makeup artists and more. Look at the wedding dresses
in the show. Make appointments to interview
vendors. You SHOULD take the time after the show to
look at photographer's and florists' portfolios
BEFORE you sign any contracts. If its a caterer, make an
appointment for a tasting. Make an appointment to
try on wedding dresses.

Get references. Ask for names of previous customers.
Ask your friends who just got married if they would
recommend their vendors. Call the Better Business Bureau.

Realize that weddings take time to pull together.
While I am advocating NOT jumping into any contracts
or being pressured into a purchase, you also need to
order your wedding items or book your
vendors in a timely manner.
You'll need to order your wedding dress at least 6 months
in advance. Wedding dresses have a lot of hand beading
that takes time to produce. They are like snowflakes,
no two are exactly alike.
Many vendors are booked in more than a year in advance.
Don't expect everyone to be available for you in
an instant's notice.

Make a decision, cross it off your list and to
on to the next item at hand.

Once you've settled on a wedding item, stop shopping
purchase it. Don't second guess yourself. Don't even
think about changing your mind. Your first impulse
is usually the correct one. If you are making a horrible
mistake, someone ,whether it be a family member or
your wedding vendor, will tell you its a mistake.
I would never let anyone walk out of my bridal shop
in an unflattering dress or blend horrible colors for the
bridesmaids. I'll tell you upfront that its wrong.

If a vendor is high pressuring you to buy, RUN!
There is a national wedding dress chain that is notorious for
high pressure sales. The sales consultants are
commission and under pressure to sell. Not a week goes by
where a bride doesn't come in and tell us of her regret for buying
her wedding dress under pressure. Don't knuckle under to
pressure by any vendor. If time is a constraint, they may be telling
you the truth. You can't magically produce a dress, but
if you have 6 or more months, don't cave to pressure.

Comments or questions? Fire away!

Friday, December 14, 2007

So You Hate Your Engagement Ring...

I just finished reading an article in Modern Bride about women who were
disappointed in their engagement rings. It was too big,
it was too small, it wasn't "me". Frankly, I've never seen a
diamond I didn't like, but that's just me, I've always been
distracted by shiny objects. (That's the reason I give for being
in the bridal dress biz, I get to be surrounded by shiny objects all day long!)

I had just spoken to a jeweler who said that brides don't want
anything under 2 carats for their MAIN stone. And they want
flawless stones. He said that smaller sized stones just don't sell.
I was shocked because in today's economy, how many men can afford a
stone that size? Do you really need to start your marriage in debt because
you just HAD to have a big ring?

I noticed that the rings I've been seeing on the fingers of the newly
engaged gals in the bridal salon are humongous. I've actually wondered
if they were real. Maybe they aren't?

So what should you do if you HATE your ring? You can send it to
me where it will be loved, cherished and enjoyed. ;)
Seriously, if you THINK a ring might be in your future,
how about giving him some guidance? Tell him what you want,
men aren't mind readers. He'd probably be happy for some starting
point. Show him pictures, the bridal magazines are wallpapered with
pictures of rings. Point out rings in the jewelry shop you like.

Or tell him point blank that you've always dreamed of shopping
together for your wedding ring. Then pick what you WANT and stop whining.

Or talk to his mother and tell HER what you want.
She may know what he's got in mind and you can tell her what
you'd like. Or have your mother talk to him.
Mom's do have some clout.

Some gals never get an engagement ring. When I got engaged,
we couldn't afford a diamond big enough to be seen by the
human eye. We did matching gold custom wedding bands and I was
happy. He surprised me when he could afford a diamond.
I got to choose what I wanted and it was smaller than what he
picked out for me. What was I thinking?

Other gals get small rings and cherish them. I've seen brides
gush over a quarter of a carat diamond with the gusto of a gal
who just got a rock from Cartier's.

Its all about your perception. I really want to say be happy for what
you've got. I really want to say to stop being greedy and trying
to out do your friends. I want to say that the ring isn't important,
its the thought behind the ring. But I'm not going to say it.
I'm going to say that if the ring is the most important part of the
wedding, you've got your priorities screwed up.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Wedding Day Hairstyles Customized Just for You!

This is the perfect tool for brides to plan their wedding hairstyle. I have a lot of brides who have used it and love it. Plan your style, print it out and take it to your stylist and have a hairstyle preview before your wedding. You can try different updo's and styles you've never considered.

Do you realize how much time it takes to practice hairstyles without knowing how you are going to look with the finished product? You can upload your photo so you get the exact look you want without a lot of wasted time. Besides, this is fun!!

Try it, its the best way to try lots of great hairstyles without sitting in a salon
for hours and hours. My favorite part is how you can change your haircolor or add highlights without actually doing it. I was surprised to see how much better I'd look with lighter highlights, so I went out and did it!! And you know what, it looks BETTER than I'd imagined.

Visit Today!

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