Monday, April 26, 2010

Fab Finds! More Cool Wedding Accessories From Etsy

More fabulous wedding finds from Etsy for
all of our 'Zillas. Finding one extraordinary
accessory for your wedding will put your
personal stamp on the days festivities. It
seems like soooooo many of today's weddings
are the same old same old. Same style dress,
same style of bridesmaids..kick it up a notch
by doing something unusual, fun or just amazing.

Love, love, love this wedding garter from
the Garter Lady. Its silk and has a fab
hand rolled wild rose. The cool part besides
the unique design is that there is your
something blue inside the garter. This is
not a garter you throw, this is the garter
you hand down to your daughters. Love it!

Don't want to wear a veil or fascinator?
How about this great peak hat from
Romancing The Veil? This headpiece oozes
southern charm, hence the name Atlanta.
You have hand rolled organza roses,
feathers and Swarovski crystals.

This custom made to your measurement corset is fashioned
in brocade by La Belle Fairy.
You can actually wear this as outerwear because its so pretty,
just add a gorgeous skirt and your wedding attire is complete.
Very unusual, very feminine.

This antique lace petticoat is also by La Belle Fairy.
It is just gorgeous, too pretty to be under a dress.
Line it with a slip or wear over an ivory skirt and
wait for the oooohhhhs and ahhhhhssss. This is so
reminiscent of antique wedding dresses. This would
look awesome with the corset.

This beautiful textile and lace cuff bracelet is
by Greaves Design. This would be amazing with
the antique lace petticoat above. So different than
wearing a pearl bracelet!

OK, the artist calls this "The bride wore what?"
In this case, its real dear skull and antlers,
perfect for the offbeat bride. By Chaos Doll.
the bride that wears this fascinator will be
unforgettable for many years.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Turquoise and Pink Wedding Inspiration Board

As we said, Pantone Color Institute has unveiled
the wedding color of the year for 2010 as the color
turquoise. Accenting turquoise with pink or hot
pink kicks your wedding up a notch. Adding hot pink
gives the wedding a Caribbean feel, making it perfect
for a beach or destination wedding.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Blue Green Turquoise Wedding Inspiration Board

Pantone Color Institute has unveiled the wedding
color of the year for 2010 and the color
is turquoise blue. Leatrice Eiseman, executive director
of the Pantone Color Institute® says
“It is believed to be a protective talisman,
a color of deep compassion and healing,
and a color of faith and truth, inspired by
water and sky.

Every hair color and complexion looks great in
turquoise blue. Bonus! There are a lot of colors that
blend well with turquoise. Another Bonus!
Pictures just pop with turquoise.

We've put together an inspiration board of turquoise
blue with green. The colors give a watercolor effect
and are perfect for every style of wedding from
formal to beach.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Fab Finds! Adorable Unique Handmade Wedding Cake Toppers

Fabulous find for all my 'Zillas out there!
I stumbled upon some of the cutest wedding
cake toppers on Etsy. I think that these are some
of the most creative toppers evah! The designer,
Hilary, is a true artist with a sense of humor that
shows in her art.

If you are looking for a way to personalize your
wedding or wedding cake,
you have to check out Bunny With A Toolbelt.
Be prepared to smile, because we are all grinning
like crazy just looking at her designs. I don't know
which one is my favorite, but the frogs just make
me grin!

You can also follow her on Facebook:
Bunny With A Toolbelt

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Quiz: Are You A Bad Bridesmaid?

Have you been accused of being a bad bridesmaid? Take the quiz and find out!

Answers are all true or false.

  • Have you clashed with the bride over the wedding?
  • Do you hate your bridesmaid dress and have you told everyone how much you hate it?
  • Did you refuse to wear the color of the dress the bride picked out because YOU don’t look good in that color?
  • Have you publicly trashed the wedding?
  • Have you publicly trashed the groom or trashed the groom to other people?
  • Are you dodging phone calls, texts and emails from the bride?
  • Did the bride have to put down the deposit on your bridesmaid dress because you didn’t have the money?
  • Did you forget to pay her back?
  • Did the other bridesmaids have to hunt you down to plan the wedding shower?
  • Did you promise to pay your share of the wedding shower and haven’t paid?
  • Did you “forget” to show up at the wedding shower?
  • Did you refuse to have your hair or makeup done for the wedding?
  • Do you constantly complaining about the wedding expenses?
  • Have you decided not to give the couple a wedding gift because just being there is gift enough?
  • Are the other bridesmaids watching out for you so you don’t drink excessively at the reception?
  • Did you have to be coerced to go to your bridesmaid dress fitting?
  • Did you trash the bride and the other maids during your fitting to the seamstress?
  • Did you have a hissy fit in the bridal shop because you didn’t want to pay for alterations?
  • Have you told the bride that your wedding was better because……. And she should do it your way?
If you have answered true to more than three of these questions, you are a bad bridesmaid. While it’s normal to not love the bridesmaid dress, trashing the bride’s taste in public is bad behavior. When there’s a group of people who have to wear the same dress, not everyone is going to love the dress or the color. A true friend will wear what the bride wants and keep a smile on her face, it’s the bride’s choice, it’s her wedding.

Not paying your share of expenses can make you a bad bridesmaid. If the costs are normal and reasonable, and you agreed, you should pay. If the bride is unreasonable in her requests and expenses, that’s another story. The bridesmaid’s expenses are dress, alterations, shoes, shower and shower gift, bachelorette party and bachelorette party gift and wedding gift. Optional expenses are hair, makeup and accessories.

A bad bridesmaid is someone who didn’t want to be in the wedding and didn’t know how to say no. The time to say no is before the planning and expenses start. “Thank you so much for asking me to be in your wedding. I’m honored you asked, but I can’t afford to be a bridesmaid, and I’d be happier to just be a guest. “ How hard is that? Once you say yes, you’ve committed. Acting out and behaving badly only reflects back on you.

How to be a good bridesmaid:
  • Support the bride in her decisions about the wedding.
  • Make all dress appointments and deposits in a timely manner.
  • Keep in touch with the bride so you stay in the wedding loop.
  • Work with the other maids to plan the shower, bachelorette party, etc.
  • If you agree to make food or pay for part of the shower, do it.
  • Be there when the bride needs a friend, needs to talk or blow off steam.
  • Help the bride with your time if she needs help or giving her reassurance and being her friend.
  • Show up with a big smile and enjoy the wedding!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Another AMAZING Wedding Give-A-Way! Wedding Gown Blog

My amazing friend Kerrie who has
the Wedding Gown Blog has an
April give a way contest that is out
of this world cool!! She is giving away
The bouquet is REAL flowers and they are stunning.
Click as fast as you can to enter and here.
Entries end April 24th. Good luck!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Win a Free Wedding Package $1700!! Dresses, Invitations and Favors!

Wedding Paper Divas is having a monthly
contest to give away a killer wedding package
that is valued at $1700. This package will
knock out your expenses of dresses, favors and
wedding get busy and enter.

You can win:

* $500 gift certificate from Wedding Paper Divas
Wedding paper Divas are my favorite wedding invitations
with their modern design, color choices and just plain
amazing service.

* $200 gift certificate from Beau-coup
Beau-coup has your wedding favors

* $1,000 gift certificate from The Dessy Group
Dessy makes amazing bridesmaid and wedding dresses
and offer lots of color choices and styles that
fit today's lifestyle and weddings.

Click here to enter and good luck!

Here are a few Wedding Paper Diva (isn't that the
greatest name evah??) invitations we love!
Just click on the pics for more info.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Butterfly Wedding Theme

Butterflies are a symbol of many things related
to weddings, love, long life and families in
many different cultures. Their deep meanings make
a butterfly theme the perfect wedding theme.

Butterflies in Greek mythology are linked to
the human soul. The Chinese word for butterfly
is "hu-tieh". "Tieh" means "70 years",
butterflies have become a symbol for a long
life. They also believe that butterflies
are representative of young men in love.

Japanese culture believes that butterflies
are representative of young maidens and
marital bliss. Many Japanese families
use the butterfly in their family crest.

In ancient mythology, the butterfly symbolizes
wisdom and everlasting knowledge.

In different cultures its also considered an
omen of marriage, fair weather, beauty, femininity,
birth and a bridge to a new life. Hello...bridge
to a new life...marriage!

It also symbolizes a metamorphosis from the ugly
Caterpillar to the beautiful butterfly.

There are so many ways you can incorporate the
butterfly in your wedding theme. You can pick
colors from a species of butterfly and use
them as your wedding colors. Choose bouquets of
spring or summer flowers and add a butterfly to
each bouquet. Incorporate butterflies into your
invitations, favors, programs,wedding cake and
centerpieces. There is a fine line between
tasteful and overdoing the butterfly theme.
Keep it simple and colorful and fun!

We've shown you some ideas for the butterfly
wedding theme and below the photos are some
sources for butterfly wedding items.

Butterfly floating candles

Lots of Butterfly Favors Be patient on this link,
there are a lot of results!

Butterfly Wedding Invitations

Swarovski Crystal Butterfly Cake Jewelry

Butterfly Tiara

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

5 HOT Spring and Summer Bridesmaid Trends

Individuality seems to be the word for bridesmaids this spring and summer. Brides are letting their bridesmaids have more options for their choice of bridesmaid dresses. And when the bridesmaids are happy, the bride is happy!

Trend # 1: Wear again dresses. Yeah, we've all heard you'll wear them again, but brides are choosing short dresses in wear again fabrics. Alfred Angelo has a line of wear again eco friendly maids dresses in silks and cottons and voiles. (Hence, the eco friendly fabrics). They've photographed them with day to day accessories for the wear again part. Actually, the voile print dresses look like cute sundresses.

Trend # 2: The LBD...little black dress. Everyone has one, its the ultimate wear again dress. Bride accessorizes them with matching shoes and jewelry. Maids save tons of cash by not having to buy another dress that sits in the closet.

Trend # 3: Bride picks the color of the maid dresses and the satin or chiffon and the length of the dress...and the maid picks the dress that she loves, will wear again and makes her look fabulous. Bride maintains the ultimate veto, she should shop with any maid with questionable fashion taste and sense. ;)

Trend # 4: Bride lets bridesmaids choose their own jewelry from their own collection. Bride specifies the color of the metal or the pearl, maid wears what she has in her jewelry box. This adds a little panache and individuality to a ho hum maids dress, yet keeps some uniformity to the wedding party.

Trend # 5: Hot colors....coral paired with turquoise, orange with hot pink, lime green with brown! Outside of the box colors are a lot more fun than mauve and baby blue.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Ugly Fugly Bridesmaid Dresses, Pics of Bridesmaid Dresses from the 80's

Before you complain about the butt ugly bridesmaid dress you have to wear in your friends wedding, lets go back in time about two decades. Here's a blast from the 80's and early 90's. Be glad you don't have to wear these voluminous confections today! You say want to wear the bridesmaid dress again? You think these dresses ever saw the light of day again?

Notice how the bride always looks way more amazing than her maids...hmmm.

So the next time you go into a bridal shop and complain you can't find a dress with sleeves.......

Scarlett O'Hara would have felt right at home in these hoop skirted ball gowns. The back of the dresses had HUGE butt bows.

Mauve pink and white lace, how girly! Nothing like making your maids wear a flower girl dress.

For all of you who wish you could find dresses with sleeves, I rest my case.

Floral print AND sleeves!! The sleeves are bigger than their heads!
The bride would sometimes make the maids pad the insides of the
sleeves with tissue paper to make them stand out farther.
The bigger the sleeve, the smaller the hip appears. OMG.

Tiers and tiers of pink lace. Another fugly flowergirl, I mean bridesmaid dress.

Mauve taffeta, balloon skirts, big puffed sleeves and huge butt bows and
another huge poof hanging in the back...WTF? Don't you just love the strand of
pearls with the maids dress?

Big peach satin puffed sleeves with a peplum at the hips...and check out the bride's dress!
Do these dresses make my butt look big?

Black and white is always in style....right????

Free Wedding Giveaways, Enter To Win Wedding Freebies

Free...I love free! And a chance to get something free for your wedding? ChaChing, baby....go for it and do it now. Someone has to win, why not you?

The blog Emmaline Bride is giving away a chance to win 100 free save the date cards. These are not the run of the mill ho hum ordinary save the date cards...they are by Flamboyant Designs couture. Click here for how to enter.

I Do Budget Weddings and Dawn Dalto ceramics are giving away an adorable ring bearer plate. Instead of your ring bearer carrying a pillow to hold the rings, this is a small plate that is entirely handmade so each is unique. Enter here.

One White Maid is giving away 25 custom Photo Card Creations. Here's the info on how to enter: One White Maid, the blog for brides.

The Las Vegas Wedding Planner is giving away a gift card for the MissNowMrs service. MissNowMrs is a cool service that helps you with all the forms to change your last name. If you are taking his last name, you'll need this service! It will save you days or running around. Enter here.

Win your gown or up to 5 bridesmaid dresses at

Win a free gown

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wedding Seating Charts Angst

Brides angst over seating charts at the reception. I've always though that seating charts are unnecessary busy work designed to distract the bride and make her crazy. If you can pass the seating chart test, you can deal with anything marriage throws your way. Uncle Joe doesn't get along with cousin Bill and they have to be separated. OMG....why can't they just get along for one day? Or act like adults? Not gonna happen. Why doesn't everyone just sit where they want to sit? Uncle Joe and cousin Bill will sit apart because they despise each other. They'll just do it. Reserve tables for the immediate family and let everyone fend for themselves.

My seating chart nightmare: I was assigned to the parents table because the bride figured out that we would be the buffer between the wack jobs and keep them entertained and out of trouble. The mother of the bride was so drugged up that she didn't know her best friend that was seated to her right. And then she started catch up with her friend who had been drinking for the last 30 or so years.

Best friends' husband was a pompous ass who drove an RV to the country club reception. He regaled us with stories of how he refused to eat anything he couldn't kill. I don't remember if he included road kill he flattened when driving his 4 by 4 truck. While the guests were dancing, he cleared their tables of the candy, mints and pasteries and bagged them up because "This will make for some good eatin' on the ride home". When was the last time you heard that someone shot a pastel chocolate mint when they went huntin'?

The best friend wore an evening jumpsuit with a back zipper that I'm sure went out of style in the 80's. After disappearing to the rest room, she comes back with one arm in the top, back unzipped, bra hanging out and a drink in both hands. Guess who had to get her dressed? Brides mom sat there and cried when her meds wore off and she realized her friends were total idiots who didn't know how to behave outside of a camp ground.

Yeah, it was a nightmare sitting through dinner, but it made for some great stories. Some day I'll dish all about this wedding that cost almost 6 figures. But you'll just have to wait...because I found THE definitive
seating chart! Just click here and prepare to laugh!

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