Monday, May 19, 2008

A Wedding Dress That Spoke to Me

It isn't often that I see a dress that is unique,
unusual or makes me go WOW! I see so many dresses
that are replicas, rehashes or just like every other
dress in the market. Until I saw this dress. This
dress inspired me to create a palette around it.
Its by Victoria's Collection fall 2008 and may not
be in the stores just yet. For more info on the dress
check out Victoria's Collection.

Here's why the dress spoke to me:

The colors pop and are unusual. The dress is
champagne, the accent is mauve.
The flowers are appliqued across the bodice in
a really unique pattern. They are applied more
like flowers really grow.
The silhouette is fresh. Any size can wear this
style if their bust and hips are in proportion, even
if they are a plus size.
The sash in the front is unusual, its almost like an
obi tie. Its position on the body hides some of the
tummy area, gives the bride a more leaner, taller
look because it draws the eye upward.

Complimenting Bouquets:


Complimentary maids
I would actually choose champagne colored maids dresses with a
mauve sash that ties in the front to keep the palette fresh
and unusual.

Just ideas for the bride who doesn't like to think inside
the box!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Loving Lilacs, Why Not a Lilac Themed Wedding?

I love lilacs. I've been infatuated with
their delicate purple flowers and intoxicating
scent since I was a baby. Lilacs mean spring,
joy and happiness to me. Lilacs bloom in the month of May.
If you want to use lilacs in your wedding and they
aren't native to your area or are out of season,
you can incorporate silk lilacs into your bouquet.

If you are getting married in May, you can cut bouquets
of lilacs and use them for centerpieces. Not only are
free if you have access to them, the smell is divine.

Lilacs were popular during Victorian times and

their popularity continues.

Colors that compliment lilac:
Chocolate brown
Celedon green
Hot Pink
Deep violet
Wedgewood blue

Lilac floral dress by Bonny Bridals

Pinwheel Save the Date Cards

Cool Lilac Invitations:

Love in Lilac:  100 Personalized Invitations / AnnouncementsBorders of Lilac:  100 Personalized Invitations / Announcements

Contemporary Dots Wedding Invitations

From: Wedding Paper Divas

Lace Wedding Invitation

From: Wedding Paper Divas

Duo Wedding Invitations

From: Wedding Paper Divas

Cool Lilac Favor:

Chocolate Square with Silver or Gold Heart Charm and Personalized Ribbon

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dear WZ, Can I wear tennis shoes at my wedding?

Dear WZ, Can I wear tennis shoes at my wedding?
I want to be comfortable.

Hey, I like the WZ moniker. Cool.

Technically you can wear whatever you want on
your feet for your wedding or you can even go
barefoot like the hippies in the 60's. Or a
barefoot beach wedding.

The problem with wearing tennis shoes is that
you walk differently in them than you would in
other shoes. If you are wearing a formal dress,
you want to walk gracefully down the aisle.
Can you do that in tennis shoes? And are you
talking about canvas tennis shoes or athletic
shoes like Nikes?

A few years back, brides were decorating plain
canvas Keds with lace and beads and wearing
them under their dress.

I've had brides wear the decorated Keds,
motorcycle boots, lace up granny boots and
cowboy boots. One wore bright green
cowboy boots under her dress to surprise her
groom. One had a white pair of custom cowboy
boots that were twice the cost of her dress.
Those were gorgeous!
Different strokes for different folks.

I personally would shop for a comfortable pair
of sandals or dressy shoes. They definitely are
out there. But if you are hell bent on wearing
tennies, its your wedding, its your day.

What does everyone think?
Comments, please!

Thanks for the question!
Have a happy wedding.
WZ :)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Why a Wedding Ring?

Ever wonder about why you wear a wedding ring?
Its not that we need to be reminded that we are
married. Its a symbol between the couple of their
vow and love for each other.

Wedding rings are circular because circles represent
eternity: They have no end and no beginning.
So the round wedding ring symbolizes eternal love.
It also symbolizes a commitment to fidelity in the
marriage. Its a symbol to you and to the outside
world of your love for one another.

Its customarily worn on the left hand on the ring finger
because the vein in that finger, "the vein of love"
goes directly to your heart. In some European cultures,
the wedding ring is worn on the right hand in a custom
that dates back to Roman times.

Europeans started engraving the name of their spouse
and the date of the wedding inside the ring to
keep the sentiment between the couple. It also
gives them a family heirloom to pass onto family
members. The practice spread across the continents
and today many couples are having private inscriptions
engraved inside their rings.

Some cultures don't wear wedding rings. The Amish don't
wear wedding rings. The men grow a beard to signify
that they are married, the women get pregnant. Hey,
its true, its not like anyone Amish is going to read
this blog, even though I've seen them with cell phones.
(How do they charge them without electricity anyway?)

I came across this wedding band that I thought was
really cool. Its a ring with the wedding vows
engraved inside. Check it out Wedding Vow Rings

Thursday, May 8, 2008

What's a pig picking wedding reception?

Dear Weddingzilla,
Is it OK to have a pig picking reception?

Dear Bride2B,
I had never heard of a pig picking reception,
so I had to do some research.

Where I grew up, a pig picking was when customers
came to my friend's hog farm and they picked
the pig they wanted to slaughter.
Your question intrigued me!

So for all of you, like me, who'd never
heard of it, its a pig roast where the pig
is roasted for hours in a pit. Then the
meat is picked off the pig, either dipped
in sauces just picked off the bones. Its a huge
southern tradition. Up north, we call it
a pig roast.

So, Bride2B, this sounds like a lot of fun
and its making me really hungry! Not everyone
wants to have a formal reception. Not everyone
thinks inside the box. I think it sounds like
a lot of fun and I say go for it!

I went to a pig picking in Florida last year for a
rehearsal dinner, but I called it a barbeque. It
was served chuck wagon style and we sat outside.
The food was just amazing and it was so much fun.
The picking kept everyone circulating and talking
and really got the party going.

Have fun!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Weddingzilla Dishes On Jenna Bush's Wedding

Its not true that Weddingzilla has waited
by the mailbox waiting for the invite to
presidential daughter Jenna Bush's wedding
to Henry Hager. The wedding details have been
more closely guarded than government state secrets.
And Weddingzilla has a prior engagement for Saturday.

Jenna's dress is described as a structured
dress. (note: all wedding dresses are structured).
Her dress by Oscar de La Renta who is a favorite
designer of the first lady. Jenna's wedding dress
will have matte beading and a small train.
Its made from organza with embroidery.
Jenna has described the dress as "simple and elegant."•

Barbara Bush, Jenna's twin, is the maid of honor.
The maid of honor will wear a long, shimmering,
moonstone blue silk gown with a fluttered open back.
"It's very soft blue," designer Lela Rose said.
"It really matches Barbara's eyes." Barbara's dress
has a silver sash to complement those used for
the bridesmaids' dresses.

For Jenna's 14 (yes, 14!!) bridesmaids, New York designer
Lela Rose, a native of Dallas, has made silk
crinkle chiffon, cocktail-length dresses> Each dress is
accented with handmade chiffon flowers. There are seven
different styles of dresses in seven different colors
that match the palate currently blooming Texas
wildflowers shades of blues, greens, lavenders and
pink toned red. Oh, and her maids are not
being called bridesmaids, they are members of
the "house party."

"No two girls will be in the same dress," said Lela Rose.
Here's a sketch from the designer:

"It means a lot to Henry and me to be outdoors,"
Jenna said in an interview with Vogue magazine.
"We wanted something organic and low-key.

"There's a glamour to it, I know," she said
of White House ceremonies. "But Henry and I are
far less glamorous than the White House."

Weddingzilla is deducing that the theme will
be wildflowers. We're guessing the members of
the house party will carry bouquets of
wildflowers to match the hues of their dresses.
We are guessing her dress will be sleekly styled
and not fluffy.

Weddingzilla hopes the wedding is kept private and
low key as the bride wishes. She may be the President's
daughter, but this is her wedding and its her day.
She didn't ask to be thrust into the public.
There are rumors of people gathering in Crawford
hoping to get a glimpse of the festivities.
Weddingzilla will be happy to read about it.
Leave her alone. Pick on her father, but leave
her alone.

How to Hire a Wedding Photographer

Your wedding memories should be captured for
the future by a professional. You don't get a "do
over" if the pictures don't turn out. Don't trust
Uncle Louie and his camera to do the job. Uncle
Louie can be your family lensman, but please,
hire a pro for your wedding pictures.

Every photographer shoots in their own style. You
need to determine your style of pictures. Don't expect
your photographer to change their style. Find a
photographer who shoots in your style of pictures.
You need to interview photographers to see if you are
on the same page. You need to be in sync with your
photographer. Are they interested in your wedding?
Are they willing to scout the location in advance with
you so they can prepare and plan their shots?
Do they offer you a checklist of shots that you fill out
in advance so that you don't miss any shots?
Will they take formal shots before the wedding so that
you can enjoy the reception? Will they be unobtrusive
at the wedding and reception or will they spend the
reception lining up formal shots? Will they be
taking candids of the reception and guests?
Do they ask you to appoint a family member who will
identify the family members you want in the pictures
without bothering you during the reception?

Photographers put together packages
that suit most wedding needs. You can also purchase
extras or purchase things a la carte.

More questions you need to ask:
Will you bring an extra camera in case the first one
What media do you shoot? IE, digital or 35MM
What is the payment schedule?
Do you have references?
May I call your recent brides to ask about their experiences?
How long have you been shooting weddings?
How long will it take for me to receive my proofs?
Can I purchase my proofs?
How long do you keep my pictures in case I want to order
more in the future?
When will my pictures be delivered?

Bella Pictures is giving you a huge freebie if you book
an appointment with them in May. Bella Pictures was voted
by brides the Best of the Knot 2008, and that's a BIG deal!
Free Wedding Photography Engagement Session from Bella Pictures!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Choosing Your Wedding Hairstyle

Brides tell me that choosing their wedding
hairstyle is their number one cause of stress
after choosing their wedding dress. They have
an idea of how they want to look, but what
if it doesn't pull together?
What if I told you I know a way for
you to eliminate the stress, save money
and extra trips to the salon and look

Your wedding day is not the time to try out
a new hairstyle with an unknown stylist.
Its not the time to show up with a picture and
tell your stylist, this is what I want. What if
you hate it? What if its not you once its on your
head? And what if the style is completely wrong
with your dress?

Your hairstyle should frame your face and not
overpower your face. It should accent the neckline
of your dress and it should make you look picture
perfect and show off your big wedding day smile.

When planning your wedding day hairstyle, you
need to take into account your hair, the weather
and the shape of your face. If your changes texture
or volume or gets curly or limp in the humidity,
you need to adjust your hairstyle so you aren't
fighting the weather. You also don't want to spend
the day doing touchups. Your stylist will know how
to handle your hair and which products will tame
your hair.

Don't automatically assume your best style is an
updo. A too severe pulled back updo doesn't
look natural. An updo needs to look elegant, yet
feminine, not like a spinsters tight bun. A too small
updo with an elaborately full dress will make you
look like a pin head. A too big updo with a sleek dress
and you'll look like a bobblehead.

Practice your hairdo with your stylist, then make an
appointment to try on your dress immediately
following so you can see how they work together.
You may need to make a few modifications, it may
work perfectly. Have a friend snap some digital
pictures so you can see how it works together.

I came across the best tool to see how you will look
with new hairstyles. Its so much fun and I tried it
myself and I found the best everyday hairstyle for
my face. If I must say so myself, I look awesome.;)
I'd never have thought of this style, but I
looooove it and it was easy!
You upload your own digital picture, and click
to change the hairstyles. They have a special
updo section for weddings. You can even change
the haircolor and add highlights. So much fun,
so useful for a bride because you aren't paying a stylist
to try different hairstyles. Pick a style that you love,
print it and take it to your stylist for a practice
BEFORE the wedding.
View your photo or a model with thousands of hairstyles and color combinations that suit your face, including short, bridal, men's, celebrity and everyday hairstyles.

And here is a coupon to try it out. It will save you
time, stress and money if you sign up NOW. Don't wait,
do it NOW! Here's a coupon to get you started looking
fab on your big day!
10% off all orders! Use coupon code SPRINGHAIR at sign-up. Expires May 31.
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