Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wedding Trends 2009: Bridesmaid Dresses

Part three in my market report of 2009
wedding trends. This time we'll talk about
dresses for your maids.

Bridesmaid Dresses: Color, color, color
is the trend. Mixing and matching two bright
colors for maximum impact. More dresses can
be two toned. I actually liked the fuchsia apricot
color combos I saw, it gave a very tropical summery
Caribbean look to the dresses. Unusual? Yes,
but it worked! And most companies have increased
their color choices. In bridesmaid dresses, you
have so many amazing choices.

All shades of browns still reign, as well as cinnamon,
tangerines and spices and other colors that compliment
brown, including Tiffany blue and pink.

We saw shorter dresses and tea length , but full length
dresses still remain the most popular because of formal
weddings. They are still showing balloon skirts, even
though they've never caught on in my area. Also saw
some asymmetrical hemlines and high low waterfall hemlines.
(Shorter in the front, longer in the back.) So as far as length,
anything goes for 2009. Its all about personal preference.

As far as necklines, halters, strapless, spaghetti straps, the
same necklines you've been seeing with some different
bodice treatments. We are seeing the same bodice details
such as pleats and draping on the maids dresses as
we reported on the wedding dresses. Some lines
like Alexia are showing embellishments and bead work
on some of the dresses, other lines like Levkoff are showing
minimal embellishments.

Forever Yours has come out with a selection of bolero
jackets in different fabrics and sleeve lengths for the
maids who want sleeves or want to cover a tattoo.
Its about time these girls have a choice of something
other than one basic jacket! I think I counted like 12 variations.

Fabrics run from satin, taffeta, iridescent taffeta, chiffon,
crinkled taffeta and all the usual culprits. Nothing earth
shattering, just lots of fabric choices and lots of color

Here's a cool newsflash: Eden Bridals are coming out
with matching tuxedo vests, ties, and cummerbunds
in 4 different styles. They are available in satin
or taffeta and they match the Eden bridesmaid
dresses exactly. How cool is that? No more matching
swatches and just settling for a complimentary color.
If you are a picky bride who needs exact matches,
check out Eden maids.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Another Weird Wedding Picture!

I collect weird wedding pictures.
This picture needs no caption.
OMG ran through my head...until
I got the following invite by
email. It sort of goes together,
you think?

I cannot even imagine the seamstress who had to cut
the top off this dress. OMG. And the grooms mother
probably had a heart attack. WTF was she thinking?
Why would she wear gloves when her top is all

Wedding Trends 2009: Accessories & Veils

So here's part two of Wedding Trends for 2009
direct from the national bridal show in Las Vegas.

Veils: We saw more lace edged veils and
mantilas, as well as embroidered veils in color
with crystals on them. Lots and lots of embellishments
on some veils, meaning real Swarovski crystals
and beads on the edges. We also saw veils in
colors to match the dresses. I'm not sure how
I'd feel about a green veil!

We also saw face veils, cage veils and fascinators
attached to cage veils. A lot of the cage veils
were embellished with feathers or crystals and
flowers. This is a very cool look for the destination
bride or the ultra sophisticated bride. This look
works best with a sleek gown, it doesn't balance
off a ballgown.

Tiaras are still popular, but they are smaller and
more detailed. There are a lot of small headband
type tiaras, and tiaras with natural seed pearls
and Swarovski crystals. The coolest tiara I saw
was by Hera's Gems, it was small starfish on a thin
band for the beach bride. So cute!

Shoes: Ohmygosh, I am in love with Benjamin
Adams shoes. They are just amazing in person.
They are the finest wedding shoes I've ever seen.
They are double padded inside for comfort and here
is the best part: their silk shoes can by dyed. The
shoes are expensive, but worth every penny.
I am a shoe freak, and I have to have a pair of the
platform shoes in my closet. Love them!

There is also a line called Pink out of London that
are cute and very fashion forward. They had some
children's beaded shoes that were just precious
if you are willing to pay around $50 for them.

Foundations: Felina Lingerie has a bustiere type
bra corset that is just adorable. It reminds me
of a swimsuit from the old Hollywood movies on TNT.
It would be cute to wear on the honeymoon, not sure
if the pleating would show through the wedding dresses
or not once its on. I only saw it on a mannequin, but it
was novel, it even had garters on it.

Dumb Wedding Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

Everyone makes mistakes. When it comes to your wedding, mistakes can be costly and stressful. Here are the top mistakes brides make when planning their wedding and how you can avoid making them.

Being disorganized is the number one reason brides go crazy. Organization keeps the planning flowing and keeps stress at bay. Buy a wedding planner , wedding organizer or wedding planning software and use them!

Letting your guest list get out of control. Being the bride means that sometimes you have to be a strict taskmaster. You have to limit the guests invited because of costs and because of space constraints. If your future mother in law wants to invite her bridge club, her hairdresser and the garbage man, then you have to get tough. You have 75 invitations. You figure it out. Not 76, not 80, 75 invitations and we'll accommodate them. Your groom wants to invite his ball team, the guys in his fraternity and his friends from kindergarten. He'll have to cut the fat from his list. Allocate by percentages: Brides family, grooms family, friends of bride, friends of groom, mutual friends. Its a tough decision to figure out who makes the cut, but you have to control your guest list.

Not hiring professionals
to do the job is a huge mistake. Uncle Bill may be a camera geek, but can you trust him to take your priceless wedding photos? Read How to Hire a Wedding Photographer to help figure it out. Make Uncle Bill a back up photographer, but hire a pro who brings additional cameras in case a camera malfunctions.

Taking on too many tasks. This is a common mistake, the "I can do it myself better for less" syndrome. Maybe you can, but do you have the time to do it yourself? Do you
have the commitment to complete the tasks yourself? Sure, it seems like fun to print your own invitations, but can you follow through and finish the job in time? Or is it easier to just buy some rocking invitations and deal with addressing them?

Poor Time Management I'm guilty of this and its hard to manage your time when so many things are going on at the same time. You (and I) need to eliminate distractions, like texting, instant messaging, cell phone and other time wasters that keep you from getting the work done. Allocate a certain amount of time a day to accomplish your task, turn off all distractions, and get the job done.

Listening to your friends. Too many brides can't trust their own judgment, they trust their friends to guide them and end up being upset and frustrated. Sure, your friends have opinions and maybe some even have good advice to offer. Listen to their opinions, but trust yourself to make the right decision. Just because your friend had this and that at their wedding, doesn't make it the right this and that for YOUR wedding. Accept their advice gracefully and do your own thing.

Making the wedding the focus of your life. When its over, then what?
You are married. The focus should be more on the marriage than the wedding. The wedding will be history, the marriage is center stage for-evah! Take premarital counseling from your pastor or church. Spend quality time with your fiance. Spend less time dwelling on the party aspect and stop talking about it 24/7. It may be the focus of your life, but your friends and fiance will get tired of hearing about it. If the wedding is taking over your life, ask yourself "Am I excited about marrying the love of my life or do I just want to have a wedding?" The answer may shock you.

Going over budget and wasting time with unnecessary details. Your wedding budget is set for a reason. Its the amount of money you have to spend to execute a wedding and reception. Too many brides get so caught up in unnecessary details that bust their budget. Do you really need to spend hours and money on place cards, or can you just reserve tables for immediate family and trust the guests to sit with whomever they choose?
Get the idea?

Competition for the best wedding. Too many brides and their mothers want to trump every wedding they've ever attended. What's the point? Weddings should be personal, intimate and meaningful.

It won't make the marriage stronger, better or last longer because you:
  • A: Spent more money,
  • B: Hired a well known chef ,
  • C: Had flowers flown in from Hawaii,
  • D: Had your dress custom designed by Vera Wang.
I have a relative who mortgaged her house to throw a blowout she couldn't afford to impress the groom's wealthy family. The wedding cost 6 figures and the marriage didn't last long enough to pay it off. Have the wedding you can afford. Don't worry about any other weddings, concentrate on yours.

Not communicating with the wedding party. You need to let your wedding party know what is expected of them. They need to know that they are expected to pay for their dress, shoes and whatever other expense you think of when you ask them to be in the wedding. This gives them the option of opting out before things get out of control and you are dealing with a Maidzilla. Don't assume they'll figure it all out themselves. Don't assume they'll be able to afford all the extras you want them to wear at the wedding. Discuss it with them! Give them a schedule of dates and times you'll need them in advance to go shopping for their bridesmaid dresses, rehearsal time, etc. and then follow up with a call to make sure they can make it that day. Don't assume they'll get the email. Don't assume anything. Keep the lines of communication open without being a control freak.

Turning into Bridezilla. You know what I mean, if you feel it happening, you need to learn how to deal with wedding stress. No one likes a Bridzilla!

Not making decisions in a timely manner.
Too many brides have trouble making decisions. I've always said a bad decision is better than no decision. In wedding planning, you have to be able to make a decision in enough time to secure the vendors you want for your wedding, the church, the location and the dress. You'll avoid major disappointment and stress if you make a timely decision and stick to your gut feeling.
Every day brides come into the bridal salon who can't decide what they want. They have to keep shopping because even though this is THE dress, it's perfect, its the right price and needs minimal alterations...because they might find something they like more. When you find what you like, forgawdsake, stop shopping. The more you shop, the more confused you get. If you wait too long to order THE dress, it may be discontinued by the manufacturer, have a price increase or be unavailable in a short time frame. Or, you may have to pay extra costs for a rush cut by the manufacturer.

If you can't decided on a photographer, florist, DJ, or cake bakery, you risk the person you really want will be booked and can't accommodate your wedding. Disappointment and stress follow. Make a decision before another bride makes it for you.

I've always wanted to ask a bride: "If you can't decide what you want, how did you ever decide to get married?"

Not reading the fine print in contracts. When you hire a vendor for your wedding, read the wedding contract before you sign anything. Ask questions BEFORE you sign. This will avoid unnecessary surprises and conflict. Don't be afraid to negotiate with your vendor, and make sure ALL changes are noted in the contract. Don't expect anyone to remember what you wanted, get it in writing.

Turning into Martha Stewart.

Either you are creative and crafty or you aren't. If you are, fine, its OK to craft some details of the wedding yourself. But if you aren't, you suddenly aren't going to wake up with creative talent. Find someone creative, and pay them to do the things you can't do yourself. There is so much pressure on the internet for brides to become Martha and handcraft so many things herself. Why spend money on components to make something you can't do? You've wasted money, time and effort.

And then we have: Not having time to complete your Martha tasks.
When you tackle something bigger than your available time, you get stressed, frustrated and cranky. Mom nags, your friends nag. Arrrrggghhhh. When you go out with your fiance or friends, you see the judgement on their faces: You should be stenciling tablecloths, baking personalized cookie favors and hand printing the invitations. If your schedule is full, nix the tasks before you start. You can't make time when it isn't available. And forgawdsake, don't feel guilty that someone you never met on a wedding chat board is building her own altar for the wedding.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Weird Wedding Photo:Taking the Plunge

Taking the plunge can be painful, as shown
by the happy wedding couple in the photo.

What the hell were they thinking? Don't
they know they could use a waist harness
instead of hooking their skin if they wanted
to hang from a tree? What? No one could tie
a noose?

And who talked the other into doing it? I have enough
trouble talking my man into giving me the remote.

But seriously, don't you just love love love the bride's
green mohawk? From a professional perspective,
whomever matched the color to her dress deserves
kudos. And I sure do love his Genie pants. They
go well with his green tennies.

What a fun couple! And they are both smiling.
How can you not love the expression on the
ministers face? This pic is a keeper.

Wedding Dress Prices are Going UP.

It had to happen, wedding dress prices are
going up and I'm not happy about it.
Freight costs from China are escalating. Most
wedding dresses are made in China. One
news source said each container from China
has a price increase of 5 times what it was a year

We are getting notices like this:
Effective Oct. 1, 2008 all carry over dresses and gowns
will be priced nominally higher due to higher freight
costs, fuel price increases and increased manufacturing
costs. Please adjust your pricing schedule to reflect
the cost increases. (What is nominal? )

Great, that means retagging a lot of dresses. That's some
major work, including redoing pricing in the computer.
It also means that when you shopped for a dress 6 months
ago and the price is higher now, you are going to be
ticked off at me and not at the manufacturer or the shippers
or the oil barons or whomever.

And shipping costs are just killing bridal salons.
We've had shipping costs from the manufacturer to
our shop that is more than double than what it
was a year ago because of the cost of fuel.
We don't factor shipping into the price of our dresses,
but many shops do to survive.

The bridal industry should rethink its manufacturing
move to China in the light of the high oil and fuel increases.
There are thousands and thousands of people in the USA
who need jobs and are ready, willing and able to work.
Are you candidates listening? Enough is enough!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Wedding Trends 2009 : Wedding Dresses

I was at the national bridal market in
Las Vegas where the manufacturers showcase
their new dresses, accessories and put on fashion
shows for the retail stores who carry their lines. Its
a way to get a pulse on the latest trends for
spring and summer here's what
we saw.

We'll concentrate on wedding dresses, we'll
do accessories, maids and veils in other posts.

The trend is color, whether its a bolder shade
of ivory, gold or champagne. Forever Yours
is making some styles of their wedding dresses in
58 colors of Lamour satin or 33 shades of taffeta.
So you've always wanted a lime green wedding
dress? Got you covered! Not everyone wants
solid color, so many designers are offering
colored sashes, trains and bodice accents.

Lots of draping, pleating and hip wraps.
Wesaw sleeker dresses with diagonal pleats and
hip wraps. Believe it or not, it worked and
looked sensational. I didn't think it was possible to
find new ways to pleat, but some designers did.
Sometimes I want to scream...ENOUGH!

Unique bodices. If you are small busted, this
is your year. We saw so many cool bodice treatments
that enhance what God didn't give you. There are
tucks, pleats and a cool wrapping in the center of
the bodice that we liked a lot.

The first dress is by Forever Yours, its hard to
see the pleating in the bodice, but its all done
in tiny pleats. The second dress is by Jacquelin
Exclusives and the bodice is strategically plated
to enhance.

Sleeker silhouettes. Sleeker silhouettes away
from the huge extra full princess ball gowns, but sleeker
doesn't mean slinky. I'm wanting to say more
scaled down. These are the same dresses you can
wear in a church or on a beach. We saw a unique dresses
that were sleek in the torso with rouching ( pick ups)
in the skirt. Some worked for me, some didn't.
House of Wu had some hot styles and so did

Every company still has rouched (pick up skirt)
gowns in their spring line. They also are showing more
sleeker mermaid silhouettes, including what I call a
modified mermaid, the dress doesn't cling to the hips.
The A-line still reigns as the top silhouette because it
works on so many body styles.

Bling: Bling is still in. We've seen larger crystals in
more couture like patterns. We've seen these on
dresses that are very simple, no lace, no embroidery.
Just the bling to make a statement.
On the opposite hand, we saw a lot of dresses that
were very simply adorned with minimal bling.
Anything goes, go with what is you!

Fabrics: Satin still reigns, but we are seeing more
taffeta. Today's taffeta is a heavier taffeta than in
the past and it has more body to hold pleating and
drapings and wrinkles a lot less. We didn't see much
organza or tulle this time. We did see a lot of all over lace
dresses, some blinged out, some not. There were silver
laces, solid laces and even some uber soft pastel laces
which were unique and pretty. You actually had to
look at them closely to see the color. It was more of
an aura of color, I guess. We saw different types of satin,
some were more matte than others, some had a sueded
feel to them. Designers are still doing some dresses
in charmeuse in their slinkier styles. We are still seeing
chiffon in both informal and formal wedding dresses.

Sleeves: Yes and No, basically NO. Jasmine has a
puffed sleeve jacket that is cute. Most dresses are
still sleeveless. A lot of the designers are offering
jackets as an alternative that can be purchased
separately. Casablanca will add sleeves to any
of their dresses for an extra charge.

Weird Wedding: Pirates!

I LOVE weird weddings. Just one question...
Where is Johnny Depp????

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I love redneck weddings! Redneck Wedding Photos!

Wedding invite.

Everyone loves one stop shopping,
especially with the price of gas. Not only
can you get your wedding dress,
but Daddy can get his shotgun
and all the beer you need for the

The formal wedding announcement.

Redneck tri fecta....a good dog, a good
wife and a baby in the oven. And
a trailer to call home.
Seriously, it must have taken the groom
a good three minutes to assemble his attire:
huntin' boots, favorite jeans, cut off
flannel shirt and grandpa's funeral vest.
And that mullet, that's seriously stylin'.
But hey, they all are grinnin', even the dog!

When you have a John Deere, you just have to flaunt it!

What's a good redneck wedding without camo?
The look on the kids face is priceless.

Love means sharing.

Redneck get away tractor.

Redneck wedding at a motor speedway.

Ain't love grand?

Red is for redneck.

Redneck table decorations.

Redneck wedding reception. A good wife
can hold her licker.

Groom and Bride

Redneck bride & groom, don't you love the vests?
Very useful once hunting season comes around.


Cutting the cakes.


The buffet was amazing.


And the head table was spectacular!

Wedding Drama Can Be Avoided!

Misunderstandings happen and they happen a lot
in wedding planning. Misunderstandings
can all be avoided with more communication
and less assumptions. So much drama. Who
needs drama? Isn't that why we have Hollywood?

I was at the Cleveland and Detroit baseball game in
Cleveland when the fight broke out between the
teams. The batter got hit by a pitch, took the bat
with him to first base and ended up charging the
pitchers mound. And all hell broke lose.

The same thing happens in wedding planning. There's
a misunderstanding somewhere along the line. Someone
doesn't make them self clear and hell breaks lose.
The drama starts to flow and churn and fester.

Bridesmaid Drama:
The bridesmaid hates her dress. The bride takes it
personally. Its an affront to her personal taste,
style and wedding plans. Friendships fracture.
The truth may be that the bridesmaid hates her dress
because the style makes her look like a tank or
a doll in a wedding cake. Its not the bride she's
upset with, its the style of dress she dislikes. Or she
may just be upset with her own figure flaws. The other
bridesmaids look great in that style. Just not her and
she can't take in her ribs to make the style work for
her. Its a miscommunication, it becomes a huge

It can all be avoided with honesty in the beginning.
Sorry, I can't wear this style of dress because it
doesn't flatter me and I'm uncomfortable in it.
Can we please shop for a style that flatters all of us?
This honesty stops all misunderstandings before
they start. The bride knows where the maid stands.
The maid has made known her reservations over the

Vendor Drama:
To avoid misunderstandings with vendors, read the
fine print before you sign anything. Ask questions.
And ask more if you aren't sure you are on the same
page. And maybe if you aren't on the same page,
this isn't your vendor. And ask for references and
contact the references with your questions. Drama
averted. Think before you sign!!

Sometimes wedding drama is created for the effect.
Drama for drama's sake.
I need the spotlight on my wedding at all times
so I create drama. I'm the bride, its my day and
I want it my way. Or because I'm the bride, that's why!
Total drama. Roll with it, its
one day, the marriage is a lifetime.

Cutting Wedding Costs? Try eBay!

Lets face it, money is tight for everyone,
especially for those planning their dream
wedding. Couples are trying to cut wedding costs
without sacrificing on quality or giving up on
their dreams. Have you thought about using
eBay to save some cash on your wedding costs?

eBay has nearly everything you can think of for your
wedding and some things you've never thought of...
like camouflage wedding accessories. Really!!

Lets start with the basics, shopping for your
wedding dress. You've hit the mother lode.
A quick check of eBay shows 37,000 items, that's
some choice. And not only are they all prices,
but you can find some real bargains on name brand
dresses like Maggie Sottero, Casablanca, Mori Lee
and Alfred Angelo. Use the search term
couture wedding dress and you'll pull up
181 choices including Pronovias from Spain, Eugenia, Paloma
Blanca, Kenneth Poole, Amsale, Reem Acra and even a
Jasmine Couture dress with bids starting at $54.99.
That's just crazy! These dresses are new and in the
thousand of $$$$! You can't buy the thread and zipper
for these prices, yet you can wear a couture wedding
at your wedding for a paupers pittance!

And don't forget dressing your man...there are
men's tuxedos for less than rental prices. There
are ove 1800 choices including a Native American
Navajo tuxedo shirt. Try finding one of those at
the mall. Tux bonus, you actually own a tux and
aren't wearing someone else's tux that has been
rented again and again. You never know when
he'll need a on a honeymoon cruise!

Bridesmaid dresses
are plentiful with crazy prices
starting at$9.99. You have 13.000 choices! It ticks
me off when sellers throw wedding dresses in this
category, but with some surfing, you can buy new
or used dresses for a fraction of retail and have
your maids look chic without busting their budget.

What about wedding shoes? I found brand names
like Dyeables brand new and a pair of new white leather
designer shoes for a dollar! You can wear them again
and again and the price is ridiculously low!

Veils and tiaras are a total steal on eBay. I found
veils with Swarovski crystals for $9.99 and they
are BRAND NEW! Make sure you know your fullness
you want before you bid. 54" wide are skimpy,
108" wide are very full and probably the width
that is most standard. But what a deal!
There are mini tiaras starting at 99 cents.
I found a NEW Richards Design tiara for $24.99 and
its just robbery. Richards Design tiaras are all handmade
in England using genuine Swarovski crystals and they
retail in the $300 and up range. This is real quality
and a great find. There is a big quality range on
eBay from cheap crystals ( I'd call them rhinestones)
to real Swarovski. But you'll get your look at a fraction
or retail.

Search eBay for wedding favors and you'll find not
only favors, but personalized wedding coasters,
decorations, personalized printed ribbons and
bubble wands. This is such a fun category to get

Surf wedding invitations and you'll find invitation
blanks from Wilton and other brand names to custom
printed invites. You even have save the date cards and
magnets to software templates to make the chore easier.
And don't forget to stock up your printer's ink!

Looking for ideas for wedding centerpieces for your
reception? eBay has them, including ostrich feathers
to make those expensive fluffy and airy arrangements.
Here's a tip you might not know...the feathers can
be dyed using spray floral dye.

Trying to find inexpensive wedding bouquets? eBay
has them already made up or you can buy the flowers
and fashion them yourself. I love adding crystals and
bling to wedding bouquets, you can have your own
crystal wedding bouquet by adding prewired crystals
to your fresh flower bouquet. Buy them on eBay and
supply them to your florist...savings, a LOT! I even
found a cool starfish made of crystals for your destination
bouquet. That takes personalization to a
new level at a low cost. And isn't that what we are
all about?

There are so many other categories with great finds,
but look for yourself. Check the seller's feedback, its
there for a reason. Many of thesellers are brick and mortar
stores that sell overstock and closeouts on eBay. Factor in
your shipping. and cross that item off your list.

Use your imagination and your mouse to save yourself
a lot of dough on things you need for your wedding
by surfing on eBay. You'll find something you need at a
price you CAN afford and you won't have to leave the
house! Mission accomplished!

Have a happy wedding, y'all!

Monday, September 15, 2008

What does your wedding dress say about you?

What does your wedding dress say about you?
Take the Wedding Dress Test and find out?
Its very cool and the results seem to be true.

I've sold wedding dresses for longer than I care
to admit. For freaking evah. I'm in love with wedding
dresses. My friends say that I'm easily distracted by
shiny objects. Its no secret that I love bling, lace and
beading. I am also a card carrying fashionista. But when
it came time to choose my wedding dress, I went directly
to my own personality. I had my eye on a stunning
Eve of Milady gown, but when I tried it on it just
wasn't me at all. I ended up with a dress that defied
fashion rules at the time, it was sleek, it was
sophisticated and it had only minimal bling.

When I took the wedding dress test, I realized that I
was expressing my personality in my wedding dress.
I wasn't a frothy princess, I wasn't a sweet ruffled thing,
I was sophisticated and fashion forward. And I thought
I just loved the dress and it made me look thinner and taller.
Whodda thot? ;)

When its time to dress shop for the wedding, shop with
yourself in mind. Don't choose a dress because your
friends or your Mom loves it. YOU have to love it!
You have to feel good in it. You have to feel taller,
thinner, shorter, sexier, sweeter, bustier, and above all
comfortable in the dress you choose. Don't be railroaded into
a dress by a pushy salesperson on commission. Don't be
railroaded by your friends, family or someone peeking into
the dressing room. Assert your self and buy the dress that
is YOU!

For more info on shopping for your wedding dress and
finding the dress that is so here.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ethnic & Rainbow Wedding Cake Toppers

Lets face it, you are looking for
a wedding cake topper, but everything is geared
toward the Caucasian man and woman.
You may be Afro American, Chinese, Indian,
or looking for a religious topper to
symbolize your Jewish faith.
Or you are a rainbow couple of two brides or
two grooms. Surprise, we've found some for you!

We've found some cool hard to find cake
toppers that are just too cool NOT to share.
You can even customize one of the toppers to match
your hair color, skin color and more! Truly custom,
truly unique, truly you as a couple!

PopShops™ affiliate stores

Friday, September 12, 2008

Hot Plus Size Honeymoon Lingerie!

Sexy is not a size, its an attitude!
Sexy comes in all sizes and shapes.
Sexy curvy plus size gals deserve to
have the hottest lingerie for their
honeymoon. Its so hard to find in
retail stores. So much plus size lingerie
in stores look like flannel granny gear.
Even my grandma wouldn't wear those styles.
What are the retailers thinking? No one
wants tents, we want to flaunt our curves!
We've complied some
new hot styles just for you!

PopShops™ affiliate stores

Would You Wear a Fascinator At Your Wedding?

I'd never heard the term fascinator.
How could something slip by me? Hmmmm.
The word fascinator intrigued me and I had to know
what the heck it is. If its connected to weddings,
how come I've never heard that word? Turns out
I know what it is, just never heard the new buzz

A fascinator is anornament you wear in your hair. Fascinators
are popularin England because the young royals wear them
insteadof a hat. And we all know how royals love their hats!

Fascinators got press when Jessica Simpson wore a fascinator
to her sister Ashley's wedding.

A fascinator can be a small hat, a face veil or a combination
of feathers flowers and assorted stuff coming out of the
sides, sort of like deely boppers. They can also be a
headband with flowers and feathers. Fascinators were popular
in the 1920's when flappers wore them in their hair.
They were also worn by burlesque performers in their act,
think huge ostrich feathers sticking out of their head

A burly dancer with her fascinator. Do you actually think
anyone but me is interested in her headgear?

A cute small hat fascinator with a face veil for drama.
This style was actually popular in the 80's because
you could wear them with those humongous puffed sleeves
or lacy country dresses. But guess what?
Its baaaaaaccckkkk! They were all over the
bridal markets.

Fascinator done in feathers worn on the side of the head. Can be
worn by the maids or the bride, feathers should coordinate to the
dress or the flowers. Inspired by royals.

Very cool fascinator for the bride. Frames the face and is just a really stunning look. Perfect for the reception or a destination wedding. Love it! would YOU wear a fascinator to your wedding?

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