Thursday, December 2, 2010

Weddingzilla Dishes On the Royal Wedding

As an American,  I don't get royalty.  But I DO get weddings, so I'm going to dish on what I know about the royal wedding.
Here's my take on the wedding.

The queen is the boss of her family.   She is sort of like your bossy grandmother or aunt who always gets her own way.  Everyone is afraid of her.  The queen is a figurehead, she has no real power, but she decides everything in her family.  She will run the wedding, sort of like a royal wedding coordinator. 

The wedding day will be a bank holiday so that everyone can be off work to watch the wedding on TV.  There is even talk of it being shown on British TV in 3 D.  Wow, tiaras and big hats in 3D, just imagine!  OMG,  I just had a vision of British dental work in high def. 

The wedding dress will be a big secret. You won't read about it on Wiki Leaks.  It will be expensive and its not something anyone but a stick thin gal can wear.  It might be big and poofy,  it might be slinky, but it will be out of everyone's price range guaranteed.  Also guaranteed:  Copies of the dress will hit the mass market April 30th, so that you, too, can dress like a princess if you so desire. 

The bride will wear a tiara out of real diamonds....the queen will dig out something from her royal vault and have it polished up so there will be no need to shop for her headpiece.  It will be worth millions of dollars, so quit whining that you have to shell out $50 for a tiara on Ebay because your mom insists you wear one. Her tiara will be heavy enough to give her a headache.  Yours will not and look just as good and you don't have to give yours back.

The prince will wear something like a tux, or a morning coat, probably with stripes or tails.  It will be something your fiance will NEVER EVER wear, so don't even try. 

Even though the royal wedding will be accommodating a certain amount of  "commoners",  you and I won't be invited, so its not necessary to rush out and get a passport, and shop for a big hat.  Besides, I don't want to go anywhere where I'm considered common.  Have yet to hear if Oprah will be invited.  Hmmm,  I don't think I've ever seen a picture of Oprah in a hat. 

The queen will wear a bigger tiara than the bride so that everyone knows who is boss.  All the other female weddings guests will wear big hats.  Big, strange looking hats.  Some will sprout feathers, others flowers.  Some will be the size of golf umbrellas.  Liken it to the Kentucky Derby without the horse race and the mint juleps. I had to wear hats when I was a kid when I went to church.  I hated the elastic band under the chin and the hat pin that my mom jammed into my head to keep the hat on.   I'm so over hats.  However, watching the hats at the wedding will give me endless enjoyment and lots of WTF were they thinking moments. 

Camilla, her future step mother in law, will have to curtsy to Kate.  Something on the news about royal pecking order and Camilla's past.  I'd be happy if my mother in law would just be NICE to me.  No need to curtsy, but that would be a plus in our relationship.   And speaking of Camilla, how come the British pronounce it Ka-Miller?  Where is the R in Camilla?  "Ka-Miller will be in the background at the wedding as Prince Charles' royal consort."   What is a royal consort you ask?   She sleeps with someone royal.   

The news reported that it is expected that Kate's sister will be a big part of the wedding.   Well, duh.....what sister isn't?

The Kardashian sisters will NOT be bridesmaids, regardless of what you have heard.  Not gonna happen as the queen got an advance copy of their tell all book. 

Horses will somehow figure in the celebration.  The bride will either arrive in a horse driven carriage or there will be mounted police riding horses to control the crowds.   No word on what the queen's dogs will be doing or whether they will be running around begging for food at the reception. 

There's going to be a lot of pomp and circumstances, banners, music, buglers and men in strange costumes that aren't ballet dancer wearing tights.  Picture Shrek in Far Far Away land and you'll get the idea. 

Shrek 2 Photo
DreamWorks Distribution LLC 
Lots of luck to the wedding couple, living life in a fishbowl can't be fun.  

Now that y'all know what is going to happen at the wedding, you can get back to everyday life.  That's exactly what I'm going to do! 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

American Kids View of the Royal Wedding

It seems no one is immune from the news of the royal wedding.  While I was in the kitchen cooking my ass off for Thanksgiving, my weekend house guests were planted in front of the TV, the parents watching football, the munchkins watching TV in a bedroom. 

I decided to check on the girls who were watching a program about the royal wedding and this is what I overheard:

Announcer in a clipped British accent:  "The future princess blah blah...."

Kid 1:  "I have a princess Barbie."

Kid 2:  "I saw all the princesses when I was at Disney.  I didn't see her."

Announcer:  "Kate will be in royal boot camp to learn protocol."

Kid 1:  "My Dad was in boot camp when he was in the Army.  He had to walk a lot and do exercises."

Kid 2:  "Are they going to make her exercise?"
           "What's  royal pro-doll?"

Kid 1:  "Ummmm, they will make her drop and give them 20.  I think pro-doll is something in 4th grade."

Kid 2:  "Kayley is in 4th grade, she rides my bus."

Announcer:  "Kate will be in school to learn how to deal with royal life".

Kid 1:  "I wonder what grade she will be in, probably high school because she looks big."

Kid 2:  " Or college.   I hope she goes to Ohio State because I have a hoodie from there."

Kid 1:  "My dad says boo Buckeyes."

Kid 2:  "I wonder if she's going to have a Christmas party at school.  We always have good Christmas parties with cookies."

Announcer:  "Kate doesn't have a royal pedigree...."

Kid 1:  " Ewwww, I never want to be a princess!"

Kid 2:  "Why?"

Kid 1: "Because they make you eat dog food,  Roxy eats Pedigree.  Yuckkkkkkkk."

Kid 2:  "My brother ate dog food and he barfed.  I don't want to be a princess either."

Yup, we Americans just don't get it.  ;)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Useful Wedding Freebies! Free Stuff For Your Wedding

Who doesn't love free wedding stuff??  I love free anything!

Free bachelorette party drink recipes, download instantly.

Free bachelorette party invitations, download and print them.

Free bachelorette party scavenger hunt, another free download.   Play it at a bar, sounds like fun!

I don't think he's free, but I'll take one of these please!! 

Free printable wedding invitations, click here.

Free perfect wedding guide to help you plan your wedding.

Register at Kohl's wedding registry and receive a lot of amazing free gifts if you register for certain gifts, like Kitchenaid , Keurig, Circulon, Dyson and other top names.   I have a Keurig and it makes the best home coffee you've ever tasted. 

Get a free gift from Conde Nast Group, the publishers of Modern Bride, Elegant Bride and Bride's magazine. 

Free wedding weblog, tell the story of your wedding and engagement. You can even add audio!

Free wedding toasts and speeches.

Free FICO Credit Score

Don't forget Vista Print. There are so many ways you can use the freebies from this site for your wedding. I use Vista Print for all my printing, from bridal shop brochures to wedding fashion shows and they are freaking awsome!
FREE Product Samples for home and office

And the deal of the week: There are some serious good buys here, you can save a bundle on your wedding party gifts. Shop bridesmaid gifts at The Knot Wedding Shop as low as $4.99! Save on totes, jewelry, compacts and more. Hurry, sale ends November 16.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Money Saving Wedding Tips: Bridesmaid Dresses

The cost of bridesmaid dresses is an expense of your bridesmaid.  Since a lot of  today's young women have been hit by the economy, its important to keep the costs of their dress affordable. 

Here are some internet sources to purchase nationally advertised bridesmaid dresses at a discount.

  • Bridesmaid Dresses Huge discounts on nationally advertised bridesmaid dresses from the House of Brides.

If you find a dress you just love and your maids can't afford it, try looking at the bridesmaid line called Expressions from Forever Yours.  They make inexpensive bridesmaid dresses in tons of colors and sizes that are very close in looks and quality without the price tag.  

Bridesmaids by Forever Yours

Many bridal salons will discount bridesmaid dresses if you purchase your wedding dress there.  If you can't score a big discount, the salon will sometimes throw in free shoes!

Bridal shows often have show specials or coupons on maids dresses.  

Check your bridal salon for discontinued sample dresses.  You can sometimes pick a color and buy the dresses on their sale racks if your maids can fit into the sample sizes with some minor alterations.

Ask the bridal salon if they have any maids dresses from canceled weddings that they'll sell at a discount.

Some wedding parties will consign all their bridesmaid dresses at a resale shop.  Sometimes you can even score matching shoes!

Buy the bridesmaid dresses from a friend who has recently gotten married.
    How about a dress that can  twisted and tied in a lot of ways to change the look of the dress? Every bridesmaid will be happy because she can personalize the dress and have options to wear the dress again!  From the Dessy Group. Introducing the Twist Dress for bridesmaids. Style you can fashion yourself. 

    Everyone has a little black dress in their closet.  Your maids can wear their little black dress (gasp, no spandex mini's please!) to give the wedding a formal look.  Gift them with matching accessories.  Have them purchase matching cool black or silver shoes.  Costs for them are shoes.  If their black dress is inappropriate,  have them borrow one or lend them one. 

    Choose a wedding color and have them all shop for their own dress in a style they feel comfortable in and they can afford.  

    Check the department store sale racks after prom time.  Some prom dresses will easily work as bridesmaid dresses.

    For summer weddings, you can find beautiful sundresses at the mall that will work for your wedding and  can be worn all summer long. 

    Monday, November 1, 2010

    21 Proven Wedding Money Saving Tips: Save Money On Your Wedding Dress

    Your wedding dress is the most important and most photographed article of clothing you will ever purchase.  You want to look fabulous, but you don't want to break the bank.  Here are proven tips to save on THE dress and where to look for the hottest deal. 
    • Shop within your budget.  Don't try on dresses that are so outside your budget that it is unworkable. Don't allow any salesperson to talk you into a dress you can't afford, don't be pressured into anything!
    • Shop off season.  The months of November and December are the doldrums in bridal dress sales.  The bridal shops slash prices of dresses for a lot of reasons:   They need to cut their inventory for end of the year taxes.  They need money to PAY their taxes.  They need rack space for next seasons dresses AND they  need money to pay for all the inventory coming into the shop.  
    • Shop the sale rack. Every salon has one, the bargains are screaming! 
    •  Shop sample sales, blow out sales and trunk shows.
      • Buy a dress with good bones:  built in crinoline, boning, built in bra as it will save you money on expensive add ons.
      • Buy a dress off the rack.  Don't hesitate to ask if the shop will discount the dress if you buy the rack sample or if you are willing to pay cash. 
      • Shop Ebay.  Look for the word authentic in a designers dress name.  Ask the seller if the dress is authentic or a knock off.  Inspired means knock off and is probably an import from China and it won't have same fit, look or quality.   There are a lot of bona fide bargains on Ebay from bridal salons selling excess stock below their cost.
        •   Shop resale stores.  Many resale shops have brand new wedding dresses that they've purchased from bridal salons or from canceled weddings. 
        • Shop closeout stores.  
        •   Think outside of the box:  A white, ivory or pastel prom or formal dress are STEALS after prom time, shop in May,June or July.
        • Shop for the silhouette and fit that flatters your body.  Simple dresses can be accessorized to have the same impact as a dress with costly lace and beading.
        •   Polyester fabric is less costly than silk and most of your guests won't be able to tell the difference.  If you fall in love with a silk dress that is out of your budget, ask if the same dress can be ordered in polyester.
        • Wear your mother's wedding dress or another heirloom family dress.
        •   Borrow a dress.
        • Order a bridesmaid dress in white or ivory. Savings run into the 4 digits.  This season Bill Levkoff bridesmaids have some amazing chiffon dresses that would make a gorgeous informal dress.  Other companies have beading and embellishment on dresses that rock as wedding dresses.
        •    Shop online at discount web sites such as House of Brides, not only can you score a discount on an authentic dress, you can get free shipping and no sales tax.
        •  David's Bridal had a discount online outlet.
        • Shop vintage antique stores for rocking styles for a non traditional bride!
          •   Check the department store sales racks, I've seen Jessica McClintock dresses marked down to a twenty dollar bill.
          • Shop factory stores. 
          •   Craig's list always has new wedding dresses, as well as pre worn or vintage dresses. You deal directly with the seller which gives you the opportunity to negotiate on price.  
          • The number one way to save on your wedding dress: Shop with an open mind!  You never know what might cross your path if you are open to opportunities.  

          Friday, October 29, 2010

          20 Money Saving Tips: Wedding Flowers and Invitations

          Every bride is on a budget, with the economy, necessity is turning everyone into a frugal bride. We still want all the bells and whistles, and you can have them with our budget wedding tips.  You can have your dream wedding by simplifying the entire wedding.Instead of gardenias, use budget friendly carnations.   Instead of 4 hours of an open bar, put a bottle of sparkling wine on each table for a champagne toast.  Get the idea?  Substitute less expensive items and you will get the same effect at a price that you can afford.  Weddingzilla is going to do a series of money savers for your wedding that really work, so make sure you come back for tried and true tips from REAL brides!

          Use flowers in season.  If you insist on having a specific out of season flower that has to be flown in, use that flower in silk surrounded by less expensive live flowers.
          Use more greenery and less flowers.  

          Simplify the flowers for your wedding party.  A small hand held bouquet of in season flowers can be as stunning as an elaborate oversized bouquet.

          Grow your own flowers in pots and use them for decorations at the ceremony and reception.  Cluster the pots in different heights for maximum impact.

          If another wedding is taking place in your church the same day, offer to split the cost of altar flowers.

          Rent potted plants from the florist.

          Order small potted flowering plants in season from a grocery store or mega discount store florist,  have them wrap them in a pot sleeve in your wedding color and use them as centerpieces.  Buy 3” pots,  cluster them in the center.  Order one per couple so every couple has one to take home as a favor.  We call this a double dipping two-fer,   you get both a centerpiece AND favor.  

          Check non traditional floral sources like a farmers market,  flower farm and grocery stores produce department.  There is a wildflower farm in my area that hand ties seasonal wild flowers for a fraction of the cost of traditional flowers…and they are stunning!


          Skip the reception card and have the reception invite printed on the invitation as a footnote.  It will also save on postage because the invitation will be lighter.  

          Oversize invitations will cost you more in postage.
          Cool invitation add ons like bows, dried flowers, confetti, etc could make your postage cost higher and add to the cost of the invitation.  

          Save on awesome invitations here, there’s always a coupon on this site: Wedding Invitations by Wedding Paper Divas

          Engraved invitations cost more than thermography printing.  Both are raised print and only a printer can tell the difference.  

          Some fonts are more costly than others,  pick a less expensive font.  

          Print your own maps and directions on your own printer rather than ordering them with your invitations.

          Extra lines on the invitation will cost you additional printing costs.    Cut the fluff and save $$$.

          Black ink is less expensive than colored ink and is included in the price. 

          Order a few extra invitations in case you need them.  If you have to order an additional 25 invitations, you’ll pay premium price because you are paying the typesetting costs again….its like a new order. 

          Don’t pay for an expensive calligrapher.   You can print clear address labels with a fancy font from your own computer, then just stick them on the envelope.  It will give you a similar look. 

          Sunday, August 22, 2010

          I Love Strange Unusual and Fun Wedding Pictures!

          I collect unusual and fun wedding pictures. 
          We are used to seeing the posed
          smiling wedding pictures of everyone
          happy and smiling..and rigidly posed. When something
          in a picture speaks to me, I keep it and
          now I'm updating some of my faves. 
          If you have any great pics, feel free to share them with me.  

          It works, even the makeup!

          This is a great wedding hat!

          Are they standing behind a garbage can? 

          Marge Simpson?

          Flying high on the wings of love!

          Are those police men in the background?

          All wedding receptions should be this fun!! Everyone is having a good old time! I'd love to be a guest here, fun, fun, fun!!

          Thursday, August 19, 2010

          Who Should Make The Wedding Guest List and Who To Cut

          Gone are the days when you could post a wedding invitation on the bulletin board at work and not worry about how many guests are coming to the wedding.  Budget, cost per guest and a bad economy mean you have to keep your guest list in check.  Cutting the guest list is a PIA, but its something that have to be done.  Here's some tips on how to decide who makes the cut.  

          • Casual friends, cut them.  Only invite your besties.
          • Co Workers, cut them.  You don't have to invite the boss and your co workers, unless you are especially close with them.  
          • Distant relatives you only see at funerals and family reunions.   Cut, cut, cut regardless of what both sets of parents say. 
          • Neighbors, unless you are very close.
          • Gym or workout buddies unless you are best buds.  Ditto for softball, volleyball and any other teams you both enjoy. 
          • Exes, don't even consider inviting them! 
          • Relatives you aren't close to,  there's no law that you have to invite someone who is related by blood if you aren't close.
          • Friends of your parents they want to invite because your parents gave THEIR kids gifts.  If you are close to their friends, you might reconsider.  Ditto for their bridge club, neighbors, etc.  
          • Your beautician, barber, nail tech, etc.  You pay for their services, they probably wouldn't dream of going to your wedding anyway.

          Decide how many invitations will be allocated to each family, yours and his, and then to  both of your friends.  Have them make lists of who they want to invite, then start cutting.  You'll probably hear a lot of protesting, but do what you have to do to stay in budget. 

          When people ask if they are invited to the wedding, just smile and say " We have had to keep the guest list to immediate family.  The wedding will very intimate because of space restrictions."   

          Wednesday, August 18, 2010

          Out of The Box Alternative Unique Wedding Bouquets

          I love out of the box, unusual and unique touches to weddings, that little touch that takes an ordinary wedding and shoots it into the stratosphere.  I came across these unusual wedding bouquets on Etsy.   Some you may have seen variations of before, a couple are just mind blowing.  I love them all, so here goes!

           This bouquet is from the Refinerii on Etsy and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  The bouquet is made from upcycled copper and strung with crystals.   It makes it eco friendly as well!  Use it as it is or add flowers, it comes with a bouquet holder. can use it as a decorative accessory in your home, so you'll have it as a forever reminder of your wedding day. 

          Butterflies make up this unique wedding bouquet by idotakeu on Etsy and are handmade in the UK.   If you are doing a butterfly theme, this bouquet is a must do.  Something in the color palette catches my eye, it would blend with anything!

          Croska on Etsy calls this bouquet  Vintage Obsession Feather Bridal Bouquet.  This bouquet is made of dupioni silk roses with vintage jewelry for bling and feathers.  Just perfect for a vintage wedding theme!

          Floating Dream Feather Bridal Bouquet by eeekdesigns in Toronto is also on Etsy...don't you love that name?  The coque feathers remind me of a fascinator.  


          Pretty In Pink Button Bouquet is by reallybadkitty  or RBK Designs on Etsy.  Another name that cracks me up, not only are the designers talented, but they have great shop names, too.  RBK does button bouquets and one of there photos is a twist on the other button bouquets I've seen,  RBK added green leaves which takes the bouquet into another direction.  

          Tuesday, August 17, 2010

          Wedding Quiz: What's Your Wedding Style?

          What’s Your Wedding Style? Take the fun quiz and find out!

          When I close my eyes and picture my dream wedding, I see:
          A: Myself walking down the aisle on my Dad’s arm in a church and seeing my husband to be waiting for me at the end of the aisle.
          B: Outdoors in a garden surrounded by flowers on a sunny afternoon.
          C: On a beach at sunset.
          D: A stage in a theater, with your friends and family in the audience.
          E: In a parlor at a bed and breakfast or in a historic church.

          I am wearing:
          A: A ball gown with sparkles and lace and a long cathedral veil.
          B. A feminine wedding dress DEFINITELY without a train.
          C: A flowy chiffon dress.
          D: Something totally unexpected and definitely NOT white!
          E: A vintage lacy wedding dress or a wedding suit with a face veil and gloves.

          My wedding attendants are:
          A: My sister, his sister and my very best girlfriends, it’s so hard to choose!
          B. My besties wearing floral sun dresses.
          C: I need attendants?
          D: My best guy friend is my man of honor, our dog is the best man.
          E: Our sisters and cousins.

          My reception is:
          A: A sit down dinner with candlelight, flowers and chandileres.
          B. Brunch and mimosas, tables in a garden setting with centerpieces of flowers in season.
          C: Candlelight dinner on the beach, just the two of us.
          D: Entertainment on stage by my theater friends, followed by a pot luck supper and cupcakes.
          E: At a bed and breakfast or in a historic restaurant or hall.

          Our first dance as husband and wife will be:
          A: At Last by Etta James
          B. How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You by James Taylor
          C: Kokomo by the Beach Boys
          D: Whatever the spirit moves at that moment. It could be performance art, who knows?
          E: Our Love is Here to Stay by Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald

          The shoes I’m wearing for the wedding are:
          A: The perfect silk and pearl embellished wedding shoe!
          B: Sexy flat sandals instead of heels, they are a lot easier to maneuver around outside.
          C: Shoes? I’m going barefoot!
          D: Boots, stilettos or Birkenstocks.
          E: Platform pumps or mary janes.

          Count up the number of each letter. The majority of letters will indicate your personal wedding style.

          If the majority of your answers are A: you are a traditional bride. 
          You want church wedding with lots of attendants, traditional church music and tears. You’ll enjoy greeting all your guests in a reception line after the ceremony with lots of hugs and well wishers. You want your reception to have great food, drinks and traditional toasts, cake cutting and garter tossing. You want to be princess for the day and you want all your family and friends around to share in your joy.

          If most of your answers are B, you are a garden bride. 
          You love flowers, traditional gardens and the smell of summer wafting in the breeze. Flowers mean romance and it’s always been your dream to marry outdoors surrounded by flowers. There’s something about the summer that rings your bell. The informality of the reception means everyone can mix and mingle and enjoy the afternoon. As evening rolls around, it’s off on the honeymoon!

          If most of your answers are C, you are a Paradise bride.
          It’s just the two of you, eloping to a fabulous exotic resort in the Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii or Bali. You are on the beach declaring your undying love, in the beauty of nature, surrounded by orchids and tropical plants. Why spend months planning when their coordinator can do it all for you? Get a passport, fly in and say I do….and you’re automatically on your honeymoon. Romance and fun and not having to deal with family squabbles make this your choice. You’ll share with photos on Facebook when the spirit moves you and stream the wedding on the internet for your parents and friends. Who hasn’t thought of running away to paradise? And, yes, you can involve family and friends at a paradise wedding, click here for information on a destination wedding.

          If most of your answers are D: You’re a nontraditional bride who does things her own way. 
          It doesn’t matter what Mom or Grandma thinks, it’s what we want and it will be amazing! You’ve never wanted to wear lace and tulle, you’ve never had fairytale wedding dreams. You are a free thinker who dances to the beat of your own drum. If you are going down the path of solemnizing your relationship with marriage, it will be on your own terms. You may make each wedding invitation by hand and each will be a work of art. You might carry a bouquet of wildflowers or handmade button and feather flowers. This wedding will not be comparable to any other and it will be unforgettable!

          If most of your answers are E: You are a vintage bride.
          Dolly Couture
          Whether you aspire to a Victorian theme or want to be a 40’s or 50’s bride, you love the eras of time gone by. You might marry in an ivory lace Victorian gown or a 1950’s tea length ball gown dress with a belt, pill box hat and a face veil that you found in a vintage store. You adore music from Frank Sinatra and other songs that were made to slow dance the night away cheek to cheek. You love lace hankies and violet corsages, floral invitations and cocktails.

          Sunday, August 15, 2010

          Insuring Your Wedding Reception Safety

          Admit it, you’ve never thought about safety at your wedding. Safety at the wedding isn’t on the top of any wedding’s to do list. It’s something most people don’t think about until something happens and the wedding is splashed on the news and on U Tube.

          Safety at the reception means hiring security to insure your safety and the safety of your guests at the reception, especially if alcohol is being served. Most wedding and event centers make it a requirement that you provide security. Yikes, another dent in the budget that wasn’t planned. Most times you hire off duty police and it’s arranged through the hall coordinator. It IS an extra cost. Some event centers will also require you to take out a one day insurance policy to insure your wedding. Compare their policy with your own insurance company before you sign anything. And ask before you book any reception venue as to what they require for security so you don’t get blindsided at the last minute.

          If you, your fiancĂ©, a relative or friend has a problem with alcohol, decide if you want to serve alcohol at the reception. You don’t owe your guests a drunken time. Put someone in charge of the potential offender and have them watch them. Get someone to discretely alert security so that if the person starts to get out of hand that they are quietly taken home before they disrupt the party.

          Security will also keep out wedding crashers, exes with an agenda and from having your wedding gifts and cash envelopes pilfered. Your gift table should be away from the exit and entrance door so someone can’t help themselves to a handful of wedding envelopes and make a fast get away. It has happened to people I know and it’s heartbreaking. You need someone to be in charge of getting the gifts and envelopes home safely. Secure the envelopes in a container where someone can’t put their hand inside. The opening should ideally be no larger than a slit wide enough to pass in an envelope and it should be in a place where it can be seen at all times.

          Safety also concerns things like drinks spilled on the dance floor. You don’t want to take a tumble and you sure don’t want your guests to fall. Have the DJ alert the hall if they see anything spilled on the floors and have it taken care of immediately.

          If you are having an outdoor wedding, safety means easy access to the location for all your guests. If you have guests that are seniors with mobility problems, plan an easy access for them and a comfortable place for them to sit and enjoy. If you are getting married on a hot, humid day, Rent a tent to provide some shade for your guests and have coolers of bottled water on hand so that no one gets heat stroke.

          Safety is a must for a great party, you and your guests need to feel safe and secure in a fun party atmosphere!

          Monday, August 9, 2010

          Will I Get Married?

          I came across this article on the Daily Beast : 'Will I ever get married? Fifteen signs you'll tie the knot.' A really interesting read based on statistics. If you live in the USA, your chances are good...and if you have a high IQ, statistics are in your favor. I know there are people who love stats, but I never knew that there were statistics on your chances to marry. I found it fascinating.

          Check it out here.

          Saturday, July 31, 2010

          Wedding Invitations, All in One Pocket Folds, LOVE IT!!

          I got a wedding invitation today that blew me away...and it takes a lot to blow me away with anything wedding related.   The invitation was from Wedding Paper Divas and it was in a pocket fold envelope. The invitation was showcased in the top and there were slots for the response card, reception card and map and lodging information.  It was packaged with a ribbon and a sticker with the bride and groom's names on it.  The presentation was so impressive and the idea of opening a folder with everything in one place was one of those head smacking "why didn't I think of that?" great ideas.  

          I know where everything related to the wedding is instead of having pieces of it laid out on the dining room table.  Genius!  I can put the envelope it in the car with the map instead of looking for it when we go to the wedding.  

          Here is the invitation I  received. The envelope was a champagne color that blended with the brides colors of burgundy and gold.  The ribbon was burgundy and the sticker was a cream or champagne color with burgundy lettering.  I would take a picture of it all together, but I wanted to respect their privacy, so this is the invitation and enclosures:  

          Thursday, July 29, 2010

          In Defense of Chelsea Clinton's Wedding, Its Good For The Economy!

          The internet is all buzzing over the cost of Chelsea Clinton's wedding. Yes, the figures throw out are mind boggling. reported between 2 and 6 million dollars. Its all guestimates, no one really knows the cost. Chelsea's parents are millionaires. Her dad is a former president and her mother is secretary of state...and she's an only child. We all know that only children have great weddings. The Clinton's only have to do it once, so they can afford to give her a dream wedding.

          Chelsea has managed to stay out of the spotlight, out of trouble and without a whiff of scandal associated with her. Her parents shielded her from the spotlight and all we know of Chelsea is what we see in smiling pictures.

          Chelsea's Wedding Is Good For The US Economy!

          We've heard her dress MAY be a Vera Wang. Vera Wang dresses are made domestically in Akron, Ohio. Not many wedding dresses are made domestically.

          The money spent on food, music, photography, limos, transportation, invitations and whatever will all trickle down into the community. This means jobs for the locals. The money earned will help pay rent, make car payments, pay medical bills, buy school clothes and feed their families.

          The news media and tourists wanting to get a close up look at the wedding preparations will inundate the wedding town. They'll buy gasoline, eat at the local restaurants, shop in the local stores and stay in the hotels. They'll bring money into the area which in turn will bring in more workers and those workers will have money for their family's needs.

          The wedding guests will have to travel to the wedding and have to have lodgings. They'll also be spending money...maybe they'll rent a car or take a cab or be bussed to the wedding. Maybe they'll spend a few extra days in town sightseeing and relaxing. That means jobs and money going back into the community. Its all a trickle down effect, the end result is that the average Joe will benefit.

          None of us will ever get invited to a wedding on this scale, nor will we ever know anyone who has had a wedding on this scale. Yup, it IS mind boggling, especially for those who are trying to scrape together a couple of hundred dollars to pay for their wedding, or pay their rent or feed their kids.

          We shouldn't be jealous of Chelsea: she went through hell when her Dad was president. Imagine the most embarrassing thing your parents ever did, then imagine it as headlines all around the world. She had to be mortified, she had to be upset and she had to be really pissed off. Maybe this is Bill's way of making it up to her. Or maybe its just the way a couple feels their child DESERVES to be married in an opulent wedding.

          There will always be the people who have money and then the rest of us. The Clinton's earned their money. They are entitled to spend their money any way they want. We'll get to devour every detail of the wedding that gets leaked like we all did when Princess Diana married Prince Charles. We'll get to find out what a couple of millions buy when it comes to a wedding. The locals will get a paycheck. And that is all good.

          Stuff Happens!!!

          I'm back. Stuff keeps happening. I decided I was going to take a week to smell the roses this summer, no weddings, no bridal shop, no work...just sunshine, relaxation and maybe a sun tan. Stuff happened and I ended having surgery. Not a big deal, but enough to interrupt my rose smelling and relaxation. Recovery interfered with my doing nothing. It introduced daily naps and soap operas into the equasion.

          Lightening struck and wiped out my hard drive which was on a surge protector. I had just thankfully backed up the computer. I managed to be able to restore some files and pictures, but lets face it, Punjeeb at tech support couldn't solve all my problems. I kept unplugging the wrong cable, pushing the wrong F key because neither of us understood each other. So, the blog notes, pics and bookmarks are buried somewhere in some microchip in my computer and on my backup.

          Meanwhile, back at the bridal shop, the not quite three year old water heater sprung a leak and flooded the basement. The plumbers did their thing and did it very well, but why should a three year old water heater leak? Arrrrgghhh. But that's not the least of it, when the water was turned back on, the pressure blew the water line off the upstairs toilet and no one saw it until the next morning. The water leaked through the kitchen and office areas and damaged the ceiling. Hello, plumber, hello more bills. Luckily, nothing other than the ceiling was damaged...but hey, that's another bill I don't need or want. And cleanup...yuck. And of course, they cannot match the tiles that were damaged, so it means a whole new ceiling.

          And my car, my good dependable nothing goes wrong with it car, decided the time was wrong to have major brake and ABS and traction system problems. They can't figure out if it needs kabillions of dollars of repairs of if its just a malfunctioning sensor and partial brake job that is only half a kabillion dollars and another week without a car.

          The dog threw up on my new carpet. We replaced it when the kid dropped a bottle of Clorox Clean Up on it and tie dyed the rug. Guess we can relax now that the rug has been christened.

          I won't mention a credit card bill that was paid and closed 4 years ago resurfaced. I won't mention that the kid needs tools for school that will cost me twice what I thought.And that he needs car insurance and a car. Lotsa luck on that one, kid.I won't mention that while I was down, the weeds at the bridal shop overtook the landscaping and that it looks like a jungle.

          And I'm still smiling and happy. Go figure. My chair is still by the rosebushes waiting for me to take a whiff. And I will before summer is over. My point is that things happen and they will happen during the course of wedding planning. There's always a solution. Keep smiling, this too shall pass. And please, make it soon! ;)

          Monday, June 21, 2010

          More Weird Strange Wedding Pictures

          Brides: don't ask, don't tell. I don't even want to look.

          I have no clue why they are wearing painted coffee cans on the sides of their heads and why the bride and groom are wearing Burger King crowns. I couldn't find ONE person to pull this off, gotta hand it to them,
          their friends are good sports. But WTF?

          Super Man wedding...wish I had a pic of the bride. I hope no one brought Kryptonite to the reception.

          Zombie wedding, zombie brides must be required to dress like a wedding cake and have their picture shot from the grave up.

          Renting a limo was too expensive obviously. Do I see a seat in the photo? Does it have seat belts?
          The only thing I see missing is the keg of beer.

          Who did your makeup?

          Shreck takes a bride. No, really!

          Hello Kitty wedding. I just don't get the fascination with Hello Kitty, but if you are REALLY into it, wouldn't it have been cooler to dress exactly like them?

          Russian goth wedding, gotta love the brides fake forehead and the groom's Kiss boots. Her dress from the side is nothing short of scary! Love the juxtaposition of clothing and hair colors.

          The Goth groom is wearing more ruffles than the bride. Honey, I've come up with a Goth themed wedding and guess what you are wearing? Don't you just love it? Honey, honey....??

          I like this photo..and I like this cake, or is it really a hamburger? Either way, it makes me hungry!

          Yabba dabba do...its a Flintstone wedding!


          Sad to say, I actually know people who would do the John Deere theme and spend longer cleaning and waxing the tractor than planning the wedding. And you know who you are!

          Another pale Gothic couple. Kissing the bride with black lipstick....eeeewwwww!
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