Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bridal Show Pros and Cons and a Show Tip

Bridal shows are a way for
brides to get ideas for their
wedding and to meet wedding
professionals. You get to see
compare photographers, DJ's and
cake artists at the same time and
decide if you want to interview them
for your wedding. I've personally
done many fashion shows and bridal
shows and fairs and they are a good
way to know who you with whom you
will be dealing.

Pros: Wedding professionals in one place
presenting and you get face time to meet
and see their work.

Easy to compare work and design.

Great place to get ideas and network
with vendors and other brides.

Fashion shows to see how dresses and
tuxedos match up.


Fun time, especially if you get to be involved
in a cake dive.

And this is a biggie: You have to register
with your personal information. You will get
inundated with mail, phone calls and emails
from vendors.

Some unscrupulous vendors have sold the
names of brides to other vendors even though
it is expressly forbidden. So your name could
possibly get on all sorts of mailing lists.

I found this out the hard way. Well, in a funny
way. I wanted a dress catalog from a big box
store and the only way I could get it was to
fill out a form. Well, I used my dogs name,
Tootsie. Tootsie has her own email address
that I sometimes use to keep all the spam
mail in one spot. Unfortunately, I gave my
real cell phone number. Within a week of
me signing up Toots, the phone started ringing.
Toots won a house full of furniture in Chicago.
(We don't live anywhere near Chicago, she had
to appear in person.) Then Toots won a free
tux. Then Toots won a honeymoon. When the
insistent phone solicitor wanted her credit
card number to "secure" her honeymoon, I told
her Toots didn't have a credit card, nor could
she go on a honeymoon because I wouldn't let
her go anywhere without her leash. You would
have thought that would have rung a bell, but
they continued to call and ask for Tootsie.
It was a scam and I know EXACTLY who sold
the names and addresses.

So be careful who gets your info, or your phone
will be ringing. Use an email address just
for your wedding and for when you sign up
for shows and giveaways. This way, if you
really get some amazing offers, you can
contact the vendor. And if you smell a scam,
just hit delete.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Planning Your Wedding: Shop For Service!

Brides need service. Weddings are
not an entirely do it yourself proposition.
Sure, there are things you can do yourself
if you are willing to put in the time and
work and lots of people do it.

But when it comes to the major things,
like hiring a photographer or catering
your wedding reception, shop for service
and don't shop entirely for price.

Wedding service is priceless. If your vendors
aren't servicing you, the problems will
compound and you'll be stressed out.

I surf Yahoo answers and various bridal
boards to see what's happening in the
world of brides. I'm shocked at
the number of brides who literally don't
have a clue of service. They'll ask questions
that the vendor should have answered at the
first interview. If you need an answer, go
to your vendor. If your vendor can't answer
the question, they should move heaven and
earth to get you an answer.

The lack of service everywhere is an abomination.
It is in every area from the gas station to
restaurants to every area where you are parting
with hard earned money.

Yesterday, I was in this cute little cafe where you
order and then picked up your order. I love this
place and it doesn't bother me to get my order.
I knewI'm not getting table side service.
The gal who took my order was clueless. I ordered
two lunches exactly alike and two coffees different
sizes, and paid. No thank you. She gave me one coffee
cup. I had to explain to her I ordered two coffees and
she looked at the bill and shoved the other cup at me.
No apology, didn't even look up. Pissed me off
that she didn't say a thing, she didn't need to
apologize, just acknowledge that I was there.
Sorry, hon, I'm not wasting your time, its your
job and you are getting paid. Obviously, you
didn't want to be there. I have days when I
don't want to be at work, either, but you'll never
know it because I will treat you as a customer.

When it was time to pick up the lunches, I had one
lunch, not two. Again, no apology, I just stood and
waited. She hadn't rung up the second order but
she had charged me for stuff I didn't order.
It wasn't a big thing, but there was definitely
something lacking in customer service.
What's wrong with a smile and thank you?

A few weeks back, my husband went to a big
box store to look at a flat screen TV. The sales
staff was busy texting and talking to each other,
ignoring the customers. My husband isn't nearly
as nice as I am and he finally went to the manager
and explained why they weren't getting his business.
The manager just l gave him a blank look. He gave
his biz to a mom and pop store and paid just a bit
more, got his questions answered , lots of
service and free delivery and set up.

Now back to weddings, if you want service, find
a vendor who is about service. If you want a
fabulous wedding dress that fits well,
go to a full service bridal salon. Go to a big
box store and you'll get a commissioned salesperson
who will sell you anything to keep their job.
If you want a fabulous wedding cake, go to a
bakery that specializes in wedding cakes.
If you want a great photographer that will
preserve your memories forever, find that
photographer and don't just hire the least
expensive photographer. Service doesn't always cost
extra. Service is priceless.

Every day I hear brides crying about lack of
service. I hear horror stories about their
experiences and I see devastated
brides. It doesn't have to be that way.
When you are planning your wedding, ask
for references and check their references
before you sign on the dotted line. It's a step
you won't regret.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

News Flash: Fiilene's Basement to Close 11 Stores

Filene's Basement famous for the
"Running Of The Brides Sale"
where brides scramble for wedding
dresses has announced that
they are closing 11 stores of their
36 store chain.

No answers about how that will
affect the bridal dress sales
that are around the country.
Since this is the biggest bridal
dress sale in the country on a traveling
basis, there are bound to be disappointed
brides if the sale doesn't continue.

Filene's is NOT in the wedding dress
business, it just operates the sales
nationwide by buying dresses for
this event.

Wedding Trends

We love wedding trends because
its a predictor of things to come
in weddings.

These are the trends we are seeing firsthand:


Coral is hot, with accents of green, golds and turquoise

Lime green with hot pink accents.

Green, green and more green with more vivid
shades and less of the sage green color. We are
seeing green paired up with chocolate brown,
sky blues and soft yellow tones.

Tiffany blue is still popular with mocha accents.

Ivory and champagne with gold tones for accents
in wedding dresses. Color accents to wedding
dresses, sometimes bold and vivid, sometimes
very subtle.


Sleeker wedding dresses, more column type
gowns with movement in the skirt.

Dropped waists.

Hip wrapped waists.

Empire waistlines with baby doll sleeves.


We are seeing a drop in the number of traditional
weddings in their home areas and more trips
to a destination.

Beach and resort weddings.

Mountain resort weddings.

Grooms men wearing shirts that match the
bridesmaid colors and light colored pants instead
of tuxes.

Bridesmaids wearing short or tea length dresses in
tropical colors.


Smaller venues, smaller guest lists.

Three or four bridesmaids versus the nine or
ten bridesmaids that were so popular a
few years ago.


Cakes as art. Unique, colorful wedding cakes
that express the couple and are a
centerpiece of the reception.

Grooms cakes that are personalized
towards his interests and made in
his favorite flavor.

No cake top or a very unique cake top
including having them custom made.
No bells and doves for todays couples!


Couples are working hard to make sure their
wedding is eco friendly and doesn't leave a carbon
footprint on the environment.

Eco friendly favors and centerpieces.

Donations to wildlife foundations and planting
trees in the names of guests in lieu of favors.

Serving a more earth friendly meal, in some cases
totally vegan menu.


Brides and grooms putting their own stamp of
creativity on the wedding.

Designing their own wedding invitations.

Using personal wedding web sites.
Wedding Tracker
even has an online RSVP page to keep track of
your RSVPS.

Start your free Wedding Tracker trial today!

Michelle Obama's Inaguration Dresses to Translate To Weddings

Tell the truth. Did you like Michelle
Obama's choice of dresses for the inauguration
and for the inaugural balls? Finally a
First Lady with style! Woo hoo!

I loved her coat and dress in the yellow
sawgrass color with the green gloves and
shoes. Designer Isabel Toledo designed
the day coat and dress of Swiss wool lace,
backed with netting and lined in French silk.

And the day after the inauguration, we are
getting requests in the bridal salon for
that color combination from summer brides.
The mothers of the wedding are also looking
for a similar look for their dress to the
wedding. Guess what? Currently, there isn't
anything in the market, but there will be.
And it could happen any second.

I loved her inaugural ball dress.
It was fresh, it had style, it was unique. It suited
her figure and showed off her fantastic arms.
Wouldn't we all kill for her firm arms and
great shoulders? The dress was a creamy ivory
silk with Swarovski crystals and dainty fabric
flowers. The one shouldered look is going to
be widely copied in all wedding dresses starting
the minute she walked into the spotlight in
that gown. In fact, the dress she wore would
make a fabulous wedding dress.

The first lady's dress is a real fashion
piece by a young designer, Jason Wu.
I predict he'll be the "it" designer of the decade.
I also predict he's already been contacted by
major manufacturers to sign on to their

The first lady's ball gown is already being copied.
This article in the New York Daily News
talks about Faviana knocking off the dress.
I actually have met the Moradi family at various
national bridal shows and they don't let
grass grow under their feet. ABS will also have
their version out, if they haven't copied it

So here are my predictions for how Michelle
Obama's fashions for the inauguration will
translate to weddings:

Yellow and green will be a hot fashion color theme
for weddings and for bridesmaids dresses. Note to
bridesmaid manufacturers: If you don't offer a
decent yellow color in your fabrics, do it now
because we have had a lot of requests!

One shoulder dresses will be hot for both
wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses.

Moms will want coat and dress ensembles for
the wedding in fancy fabrics instead of the
dresses currently in the market made for moms
that look like great grandma's burial dress.

Michelle's ball gown will be widely copied by
various knock off houses. Her dress will also
be the inspiration for wedding dress designers
to show softer more sleek dresses that don't
hug the hips.

Remember, ready to wear and designer trends
trickle down to wedding fashions. Its all about
STYLE and finally we had an interesting
style to watch. Go Michelle.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Maternity Wedding Dresses, Stop the Bump Talk, Its A Baby!

A friend of mine forwarded a newsletter out of
the UK. What do you think of Mama Bridal she
asked? Their slogan is "Flatter Your Bump".
Nice dresses, serves a purpose, nicely presented,
nice pics.

BUT...OMG...I HATE HATE HATE the terminology
of baby bump or bridal bump. When people
used to talk about a bridal bump, they meant
a breakout on their face right before the
wedding. I think I first heard the word used
on Entertainment Tonight when they were talking
about Anjolina Jolie or some other celebrity who
decided to reproduce. I threw up a little in
my mouth. I'm not a prude, nor am I the most
hip person on the planet, but the term
bothers me, not the dresses and not the
fact that the bride is pregnant.

Pregnant brides are nothing new.
Maternity wedding dresses have a place in
the market because there will ALWAYS
be pregnant brides. The difference
is that they used to hide their pregnancy,
not flatter their bump. There is no way on
the planet you can flatter the bump. It
is what it is. If you are pregnant,
at some point you'll LOOK pregnant.
I've dressed a lot of pregnant brides who
didn't want to look pregnant and there
are a lot of ways to look smaller. And I
know them all. But looking bigger....geeze,
I must have missed the memo!

I guess what else bothers me is that the
emphasis is on her belly and not on the
bride. Shouldn't it be the bride and
grooms day, not a day to show off the
waistline? Geeze, how long will it be
before someone plasters the sonogram on
the front of the dress so we all get a
better look? Remember, you heard it
here first, it was my idea, I get a
cut of the profits. ;)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Replica Wedding Dresses are Really Knock Offs!

A replica wedding dress that you see on so
many web sites from China are really knock
off dresses. They are inferior copies, you
are NOT ordering a brand name dress directly
from the factory.

I spent a snow bound Saturday stuck at home
in front of my computer. I looked at a lot
of internet dress sites and was shocked at
what I saw. You had to read through the
itty bitty fine print to see any disclaimers
that these dresses are not the originals.
One site even went as far in their disclaimer
to say they weren't responsible for anything.
And if you read farther down, you'll see that
you, the bride, are responsible for custom fees
and any additional tariffs and taxes above and
any additional shipping charges over the
free shipping. Clear as mud.

I also followed some message boards where
some "bride" was raving about her dress that
she received from one of these sites.
Hello, Troll. It was obvious to me that
she was from China (because of her wording)
and was posting her link over a lot of message
boards. It made me wonder how many innocent
budget conscious brides are ordering these
dresses thinking that they are getting an
original Maggie Sottero or only to receive a
dress that vaguely resembles their dream dress.

One site made me laugh. They have posted a
picture of Michele and Barak Obama's wedding
picture on their web site and are selling a
copy of her dress. They even did an article
about their love story and how fashion forward
she was when she purchased her wedding dress.
Back in '92, every wedding dress had a portrait
neckline, it wasn't earth shattering. Sorry,
Michele, don't take it personally, I think
you are great!

Some of these sites use the designer name
and catalog pictures to fool you into thinking
you are buying directly from the factory
and by passing the middle man. Hello, these
designer companies own their own factories or
contract exclusively to their factories and
there is no way they are going to stop production
to make one dress for you at a below wholesale

The knock off companies are breaking every
copyright law in the books. They've stolen
the designs, the pictures and their good name.

You get what you pay for. If you pay $149 on
a dress that should cost a thousand dollars in
the store, you get a dress that's worth what
you've paid. Prepare for disappointment in
fabric, styling and fit.

I've seen a few replicas, and they are horrible.
And the cheap price is inflated once you add
on international shipping, customs fees and
import taxes, you are in for a lot more than
you thought. Make sure you know what you
are buying. If you can't touch it or try it
on or see it in person, don't buy it!

Green Eco Friendly Wedding Favors and Wedding Supplies

Today a bride showed me a web site that
carries eco friendly green wedding favors.
She is very eco conscious and wants to make
sure her wedding leaves the least amount
of carbon footprint as possible.

The site is Beau-Coup
and she asked we pass it on to all of you
in Weddingzilla land. Consider it done.

The favors are really unique and we really
like the fact that if your venue won't let
you throw rice or birdseed, that there is
a "green" alternative that will keep everyone

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy Birthday, Elvis, King of Rock and Love Songs

Happy Birthday, Elvis. For those of you who don't
know Elvis Presley, its time to learn about the king of
rock and roll who sang some of the most beautiful
love songs. Yeah, Elvis could rock, but he could
sing a ballad that made women weep and men shed
a tear. Both men and women loved Elvis, and his
fans still keep the legacy alive. The songs
tell the story and the story is love.

His songs are still used in weddings because they
transcend generations. Elvis' songs are as romantic
today as they were when they topped the charts.
Consider working one of his songs into your wedding
ceremony or as a first dance song at your wedding reception.

Elvis is long gone, but his legacy in song
remains. That man sure could sing a love song
with passion. RIP, Elvis.

Great reception song: 'I Can't Help
Falling In Love With You'

More Elvis videos from Youtube:

Love me Tender

The Wonder of You

Let It Be Me

Pledging My Love

More great Elvis tunes that will work at your
I Want You, I Need You, I Love You
Loving You
As Long As I Have You (from King Creole)

Check out ITunes for more great Elvis songs that
will make your wedding romantic.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Useless Celebrity Engagement Ring Trivia

I love useless trivia, especially
wedding trivia. Here's some great
trivia that can be thrown out as
questions at a bridal shower.
I've often wondered why celebrities buy
such expensive and huge engagement
rings. The best answer I can figure is:
Because they can afford it! What do
you think? Is it for their image? Is it to
separate them from us mere mortals?

Beyonce has an 18 carat ring from hubby Jay-Z
worth 5 million dollars. While I've never
seen a real ring that big, I'd be scared
to wear it.

In contrast, Elvis gave Priscilla a 3.5 carat
diamond, which seems puny in comparison to

The most envied celebrity ring according
to Ring Envy is Katie Holmes' 5 carat
rock from Tom Cruise.

Elizabeth Taylor's third husband Mike Todd
gave Liz a 30 carat emerald cut engagement
ring. Whoa!

Melania Trump, the Donald's current wife has
a 12 carat emerald cut set in platinum, thanks
to the mogul's good taste.

Mariah Carey got a 17 carat total weight
Blush pink diamond from hubby Nick Cannon.
The center stone is a whopping 10 carats
surrounded by 58 diamonds and two large baguettes.
Now that's a ring that speaks to me!
Love love pink!

Michael Douglas presented wife Catherine
Zeta-Jones with an antique 10 carat
marquise ring set horizontally.

Seal proposed to Heidi Klum in an igloo
in Canada. He gave her some serious ice,
a 12 carat yellow diamond!

Fun Wedding Trivia

I love fun trivia. I love playing trivia,
I have a trivia brain. Here's some fun
wedding trivia, wedding traditions and
wedding statistics that you can throw out
at a bridal shower. Or maybe you've just

The average person will fall in love seven
times before getting married.

Flower girls represent fertility in the marriage.
Guess if you don't want a family, nix the
flower girls. The wedding cake also symbolizes
fertility. Who knew? I've always thought it
represented desert.

The average age of a first time groom is between
26 and 27 years old.

Old English customs say if a bride sees a toad,
spider, rainbow, lamb, black cat or chimney sweep
on her wedding day it is good luck. Chimney sweep?
Its also good luck if it rains on your wedding day
according to Hindu tradition.

The wedding ring is traditionally worn on the left
hand ring finger because it was thought that this
was the closest vein to the heart. It symbolizes
holding your love close to the heart. Some countries
wear their wedding ring on the right hand third ring finger.

Brides starting wearing white after Queen Victoria
rebelled against the wedding tradition of wearing
silver in the 16th century. White represents purity.
A bride wearing green meant she was a hot mama who rolled
around in the grass. Her dress grass stained green by
getting busy with gentlemen in the fields.

The bridal veil was meant to ward off evil spirits.
In the 1800's, it was a sign of purity and virginity.
Today, its just worn to balance the dress and finish
off the look.
Wedding veils in ancient Rome were yellow.

Bridesmaids dressing alike started because it was
thought that evil spirits would harm the wedding
party. If they dressed alike, it would confuse
all the evil spirits. Huh?

June was the most popular wedding month because
in the 14th century, the once a year bath was
in May. Everyone was relatively fresh and ready
to celebrate. I always assumed that it was because
most weddings occurred after school was out. Can
you imagine a once a year bath?

Las Vegas has more weddings on New Years Eve and
Valentines day as well as numerical days: 7/7/07,
8/8/08 and this year we'll have 9/9/09!
Las Vegas bills itself as the wedding capital of
the world, doing 100,000 plus weddings a year.

Istanbul, Turkey comes in at number two in the
world for weddings with 92,000 couples per year
saying "I Do".

The number two wedding city in the USA is
Gatlinburg, Tennessee with 42,000 weddings
a year. Who knew?

The average number of guests invited to the average
USA wedding is 152.

The number of weddings in the world is estimated
to be 115,000 per DAY!

Japanese brides spend the most on their weddings,
with the average wedding setting them back

There are 9 million weddings per year in China,
with the average cost of $19,000.

There are over 6,000 bridal shows per year in
the USA.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Shopping For Your Wedding Dress

Shopping for your wedding dress can be
fun or it can be exhausting, futile and
just a pain in the you know what. The trip
is what you make it.

Here are my best tips for shopping for the
most amazing and important dress you will
ever buy in your lifetime.

This should go without saying, but I have to
say it because some people didn't get the memo:
Take a shower before you shop. Wear some form
of underwear. In our bridal shop, we help you
dress because trying on the dress is not a do
it yourself job. Its too hard for the bride
to figure out how to put it on, so we help.
If you "forgot" underwear, you'll be
embarrassed unless you like seeing your bee-hind
reflected from every angle in your birthday
suit. I am uncomfortable when the bride
strips down to nothing. Don't get me wrong,
I've seen it all, including dressing men as brides,
but I prefer you have on panties and a bra. You don't
need a strapless bra, you can always slip your
bra straps down or use a try on bustiere.
You don't need to bring a slip, all stores have them.

Bring a pair of heels so you can get an idea of
the length of the dress. The dress takes on a
different look when you are wearing heels. If you
are wearing flats, bring a pair of flats.

Don't shop if you are tired, cranky, ill, hungry or
hung over. More than one time, I've had a bride
pass out from hunger, exhaustion or barf from
being hung over. Its not pretty in a dressing
room and it REALLY grosses everyone out. It also
scares the you know what out of us when someone
passes out on the risers and we have to try
and catch them. By the same token, if you are sick,
use your noodle and stay home. We don't want to
catch it! And eat and keep yourself hydrated
before you shop. Trying on dresses is tiring
and you need energy fuel.

Dress in clothes that you can easily change
and redress easily. Tops that zip or button
in the front are excellent.

If you are wearing your hair up on your wedding day,
put it up in a similar style. Your hairdo with the
dress will make a huge difference as some necklines
will dictate hairdos. If you are planning on wearing
your hair down, wear it down. Nix the ponytail that
day. Know that your hair will get messed up from
trying on dresses.

Wear a bit of makeup to get an idea of how the
dress color will look on you. White can sometime
drain all the color out of your face. Makeup
can correct it so you can wear white if you
want to wear white. You don't need to come in
full face paint, just enough to give the look
of your wedding day.

Don't shop with a big posse. Limit it to mom,
a sister, maid of honor or a trusted friend.
Keep it small, too many opinions will confuse you
and upset you. It happens a lot. They
might be excited for you, but they can come later.
Once you find THE DRESS or narrow it down, bring
the posse to see it. They'll be just as excited
to see it after you pick it out.

Leave the kids at home when you are shopping for
the wedding dress. They get bored in a bridal
shop and they distract the bride from her special
time. Its the brides time, YOU should be the
center of attention. Get a babysitter. You won't
regret it. Its not fair to us to watch the kids
while you shop. We are here to help you, not
babysit. Hey, we love kids, but I can't do
it all. Keeping the kids from getting hurt or
pulling over a heavy mannequin on themselves
rank as number one. If I'm watching the kids,
I can't help you.

Don't let anyone high pressure into buying
a dress unless you are sure you want that dress!
Some salespeople are commission and they
HAVE to make that sale. Sometimes family
and friends pressure you into buying a dress
and you are not quite sure. Don't suffer
from bridal dress regret. Make sure you
are buying exactly what you want before
you buy.

Have fun shopping!

For more info on dress shopping, you should
check out the following:
Buyer Beware, eBay Wedding Dresses, Buy Smart!
The Dress
Why is it so hard to shop for my wedding dress?

Friday, January 2, 2009

HGTV Dream House Giveway Contest

HGTV is giving away a dream house to some
lucky winner, all you have to do to enter
is to go to

HGTV gives away a dream house every year,
I was escaping the football zone last night.
New years day is the football extravaganza
where every man becomes a football coach.
My husband was totally in the football zone
and I had had enough junk food and commentary
from the sofa. So, I just went into the other
room and started channel surfing
and came across the HGTV dream house.

This house is in Sonoma, CA, the heart of wine
country. Its worth over 2 million bucks and its
a stunner. The colors inside are in your face,
but the house itself rocks. I'm not sure if I'd
like the kelly green bedroom, but as they say on
every show on HGTV, it can be changed.

The study has a wine room...a freaking wine room!
How cool is that?

If I had a kitchen like the one in the
dream house , I might actually WANT to cook.
The Wolfe stove nearly brought me to
tears. I totally want that stove. I wanted
to go into my kitchen and beat my stove out of
its misery. but since its all I've got, and I like
to eat, its not in the realm of possibility.

So check it out and register to win this house. It
would make an amazing wedding gift, wouldn't it?
A two million dollar starter house. Most of us won't
even get a two million dollar ender house.

If one of you wonderful people win it, can I
please, please spend the weekend in the guest room?
I'll even cook for you, as long as I get to do it
on that stove! :)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Positive Affirmations for the Bride

Positive affirmations are a way to use
positive thinking to your advantage to cause
positive changes in your life. What you think
is what you become. If you think negative
thoughts you will give off negative vibes.
When you think positive thoughts, you channel
the energy of the universe to bring about positive
and good into your life.

Since today is New Years Day, its time to wipe the
slate clean. Every bride needs to spend a few minutes
each day channeling good thoughts. Positive thoughts
are the backbone of success in life, happiness and

Wedding planning is stressful. You can choose to have a
stress free wedding or you can be a Bridezilla. You
have the option to enjoy the planning process or
make mountains out of molehills. You can choose to
be happy with what you have or you can be jealous and
envious of others weddings. Its your choice.

Give the affirmations a try. Its better than alienating
your friends, family and taking medications. Put the
wedding into perspective and start affirming today!

I trust in my decisions.

I am loved.

I am open to love and give love in return.

I am deserving of a loving long term relationship.

My partner is loving and we are in loving,
peaceful relationship.

I can handle anything that comes my way.

If I make a mistake, I am able to learn from
it and forgive myself.

I am living a healthy lifestyle and it shows
on my face and body.

I will have a joyful wedding.

I am blessed with health, love and friends.

I love and accept myself the way I am.

I am unique, special and a good person who
accepts myself as such.

I challenge my mind and my body for my health.

I give love to my friends and get it back multiplied.

I believe in myself and my decisions.

I trust myself always.

I have unique talents.

I can handle whatever life puts in my way.

I can handle challenges and I can triumph over them.

I choose to stay calm under pressure.

I choose to be calm and let the stress leave
my body.

I have options.

I can create positive changes.

Today I choose to live in peaceful harmony with
the universe.

Today I will compromise when faced with disharmony.

Today I will accomplish tasks on my list.

Today I choose calm, peace and laughter.

Today I will be thankful for what I have.

Today I will count my blessings.
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